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Your company phone needs a VoIP service Regardless of whether you already have a thriving business or are just beginning your enterprise, a good company phone is crucial for your success. Your clients, suppliers, workers and contacts must have a way to reach you, and the easiest and most direct way is through a telephone. Not all businesses have the resources to support several landlines or a proprietary PBX (private branch exchange). A single line may possibly be enough at the start, but once your enterprise becomes bigger, so will your contacts list and your telecommunications needs. You could opt to obtain one more telephone line, but that would mean at least double your phone bill. You might want to think about adapting a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol system for your company telephone. VoIP services use the versatility of the internet along with the processing power of PCs to make an assortment of telephone systems to suit all types of users. Before making a choice as to whether VoIP is viable for your company phone system or not, consider the following: • When your enterprise expands, your telephone system has to follow. Adding new phones with a traditional landline system means laying new wire and buying new units. You might even need to reinstall the entire telephone system if you’re moving offices. VoIP systems typically have no wires, specially if you are using wireless internet. • Proprietary landline systems always require maintenance and specialized personnel if you need to add or install a new function or component. VoIP systems usually have a complete set of features integrated in their packages. The additional services you pay extra for like caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail and such are already integrated in your subscription. • Both landline and VoIP systems supply viable choices for getting a PBX. But a landline switch demands installation and new devices, as if you are acquiring a new line. On-line systems could just need some configurations and the service provider will handle all of the telephony functions in an off-site location where your PBX is hosted. • VoIP systems cost less than proprietary landline subscriptions. This is because the components needed to run the former are required to be in place before they even accept you as a subscriber. If your company has IT infrastructure, then a VoIP telephone system is feasible. • Unlike local phone companies, which normally take some time, equipment and technical personnel to install, you can make use of an internet telephone system instantly. A softphone or perhaps a software that acts as a phone on your pc will be sent to you along with your number, and you can use them at once. • VoIP technologies is scalable. When you want to add softphones or terminals, it is possible to do it your self just by adding a new personal computer to the network and installing a softphone on it. The same program can handle any quantity of branches. Classic switching systems require extra installation and some technical expertise to operate.

Think about the points mentioned above when considering basing your company phone system on VoIP technologies.

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