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LAdkrabang specific plan project was designed to support the growth of economics after the eastern sea board project finished. Because this site is above the Suvarnabhumi airport and on the way to the port so this site is very strength and have a lot of efficiency to develop. And all the reasons became a reason to develop this site. By the way, this site is far from C.B.D and don't have any attraction. So to make this project success, the design must create some signature to this site to make attract the tourism. The signature or the concept that use in this site is "Eco district". This area is "Eco" in 5 ways: 1.This site is a transit oriented development (T.O.D.) area to transfer the transit from car to public transport. 2.This site is a job & housing balance area that has the offices near the residential to reduce the transit. 3.This site is a knowledge center about energy and be a case study of eco city. 4.This site support people to travel by walking and bicycle. 5.This site is a large green space for everybody around this area. Finally, this project will be a case study about eco city and has efficiency to be an economic area to support the future development.

This project located in Ladkrabang. It's about reform the plot of the land and this process can call "Land Subdivision" or "Land Readjustment". Land subdivision project is a project about how to manage the land with a lot of owning. But all of the plot of the land are narrowness and hard to use. Some area are landlocked lands and some area don't connect to the utilities. In the past, this area is an agriculture area. But now, this area is near form Suvarnabhumi airport and have a an efficiency to develop. The purpose of this project have 2 reasons. 1.To change an agriculture area in suburban to be a residential area and increase the density of housing. 2.To solve the ineffective land to be a good plot land, connect to utilities, easy to develop and increase the value of the land. In master plan, the park and department store was added to the north and the south of the area to be node for attractive the people. The new road passed to every land and connected 2 node form north to south for move the traffic and people around the area to increase the economic. After Land subdivision project, this area will has a higher value because of the new road and utilities by government investment. And the urban pattern will change because suburban will develop form agriculture area to be residential area for support the growth of the airport.

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