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SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE On-site massage is specifically designed to reduce stress and increase health and well-being in the work place. Based upon traditional Japanese acupuncture techniques, each individual treatment is designed to alleviate physical work related stresses that include RSI, headaches, migraines and back, neck and shoulder pain. Each massage takes place on a specially designed ergonomic chair over clothes, no oils are used. The session lasts 20 minutes and depending upon your requirements full, half day or lunch time blocks can be booked. Depending on location and length of time booked, sessions range from £12 to £16 each; payment can be made directly from the employees or partly/

Prue Nichols: Having been office based for many years in London, it was only until I moved East and

wholly subsidised by the company and

lived and worked in India and

invoiced monthly.

Thailand for two years that I

As well as weekly corporate massage, The

saw how differently health and well being was approached in

Orange Grove also provides corporate

Eastern cultures. Upon my

reflexology sessions and lunch time stress

return to the UK in 2006 I set

reduction workshops for female employees.

up The Orange Grove Holistic Therapies to specialise in supporting office workers

Shilpa: Computacenter

Ann: Robert Lee

Michael: Red Kite Learning


Prue combines a spiritual and calming personality with a commercial background, a mix that enables her to work in any business setting and create a result that is truly holistic. Her massage skills are astounding.

Prue is one of the highlights of my working week, not only do i feel immediately refreshed with all the aches and pains gone but I feel less stressed and more in control of my work and life!

through massage, reflexology and nutritional healing techniques. My book,100

I always look forward to Thursday. Prue has magic in her hands. When she is finished I feel relaxed and completely revitalised.

At first people were a little apprehensive but now we can hardly fit everyone in who wants a massage. It is a real boost to morale and we have seen noticeable health improvements.

degrees centigrade, explores stress in the office and looks at how women can alleviate this, is due to be published in January 2012.

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Massage in the office  

On-site massage is designed especially to reduce stress in the work place. These 20 minute sessions release stored tension in the back, neck...