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TF-LEaRN MEMOIR 2014 TEAM DETAILS Directors: Navyata Sanghvi Prudhvi Tej

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Writers: Grishma Jena Gisela Lee Fernandina Ko Antze Annie Nida (unsure of real name)

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Photographers: Jing Yu 86785077 Dan Zhu 86985925 [Material from Video Team will be shared as well] Graphic Designers: Jayhan Regner Taufiq El Zihui Zhang Bo Tiencharoen

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THEME The theme chosen this year by popular consensus is the Singapore MRT We plan to bring out the widely varied journeys of the people involved in this programme with the central theme being the highly efficient train service of Singapore. Maps and footstep-paths are expected to adorn the pages that chronicle our lives here. Because we all hail from different parts of the world and will have expected to travel to many places, both literally and figuratively, by the end of our stay here, we will use the MRT to represent our exciting course throughout the opportunity TF-LEaRN has given us. Each of our separately carved ways and lives, which nevertheless have fortuitously overlapped thanks to the programme we are all part of, will be represented by the intersecting lines of the MRT, which each branch representing a different section of the memoir. We will trace paths all over the map to represent our arrival, orientation, tour, community service, etc. Each member’s journey will also be preserved using the background of a map with their destinations marked out.

Elaboration on the above will be done with discussions on our Facebook group. We are focusing on making this as fun as possible, with a light-heartedness to a couple of planned sections.


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Editor’s Note About Temasek Foundation About the TF-LEaRN programme and briefly about others at NTU Page devoted to this idea: Each country group clicks a group photo in front of a landmark they think defines them, and we arrange these like the Singapore Flyer Place the following chronologically:  Welcome, Orientation  Singapore Tour  CNY celebrations, Youth Convention  Temasek Visit  Community Service  (Other group events) Mentor Appreciation page Tips of Do’s, Don’ts and wishes for next year’s batch based on our experiences (humorous take) Group Picture Scholars’ Avenue: Experiences with an option – write about yourself or a new friend you’ve made

OTHER DETAILS No. of Pages: Unsure Layout : Landscape Attached also is the tentative timeline for work. Thank you!

Memoir - TF LEaRN@NTU -2014  

We are a bunch of 50 students from various parts of South East Asia