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Why Use Companies with Clean Green Certification Prudential Uniforms

TRSA Clean Green Certification ď‚— TRSA is an international organization representing

textile service companies ď‚— To earn the certification a company must achieve

efficiencies in water and energy conservation

Reusable Over Disposable  Disposable napkins and

towels alone generate nearly 2 billion pounds of landfill waste each year

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 Disposables also account

for the loss of 17 million trees

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Reusable Textiles ď‚— Paper products accounted for over 28% of all trash

ď‚— Linen napkins can be reused over 100 times on


Do More with Less Energy ď‚— Uses half the energy compared to home washing

ď‚— Energy used per pound of textiles laundered has

been reduced by 27%

Using Water with Care ď‚— 1/3 less water consumption than at home washing

ď‚— Water used per pound of textiles laundered has been

reduced by 33%

Saving Water by Choosing Clean Green  25 gallons of water per  Click to edit Master text styles  Second level 

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Fifth level

week savings – per worker  Annual water saving

would be enough to meet the needs of 3.44 billion people for a day

Save Your Time ď‚— Having work uniforms laundered through a clean

green company saves time as well as energy, water, and trees ď‚— Choose to help the environment by using reusable,

clean green alternatives

Clean Green Companies  Prudential Overall Supply is an industry leader in

environmental protection practices.  Their longtime and ongoing commitment to green

services earned them the distinction of being the first multi-location laundry operation to be Clean Green certified by the TRSA’s international standard

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Why use companies with clean green certification  

This presentation focuses on how companies can benefit by utilizing the Clean Green certification in their businesses. The Clean Green cert...

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