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The Benefits to the Environment When Substituting Laundered Items for Disposable

Why It’s Important

We only have one earth and as a society we’ve been making lots of decisions that have not been helpful. When you began to think about using laundered items, you are taking a step towards healing the biosphere.

Reusable The first and most obvious advantage to moving to laundered items is the reusability factor. By making a switch to laundered items, you are moving from a “throw-away� culture, to that of mindful sustainability.

Saves Resources

Another obvious advantage is found in the sheer number of resources that are saved. Every time a new product is created, some of the earth’s resources are used. This is a one way path to depletion.

Avoids Landfills

The truth is that our discarded materials just end up in a landfill somewhere. Not only is this unhealthy for anyone nearby, it makes our planet gross. Choosing products that can be laundered avoids this.

Protects Wildlife

Most people have seen pictures of fish trapped in soda can “loops” or bears eating human garbage. By moving to sustainable products, you are ensuring that your waste doesn’t end up around a fish’s neck.

Inspires Others

When you make the decision to wear a work uniform that is designed for sustainability, you are making a statement. As we all know, changes for the good start with one person making a choice and others following suit.

Saves Money

You may not think that “saving money� benefits the environment, but it does! When you choose to purchase work apparel that need not be replaced regularly, you have more money to invest in other green products.

It’s Responsible

Making good choices for others as well as ourselves is part of being a responsible adult. These are also the qualities that we need to be sure to pass to the next generation.

It is time to make the right decision for you and future generations. Sustainability, reusability, and being resource minded. With these three ideas, you can change the world.

The benefits to the environment when substituting laundered items for disposable  

Reuse is a great way to help the environment. Once way to do this is to swap your disposable items for those that can be laundered and reus...