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When it comes to work wear in the automotive industry, it’s important for any automotive shop to require their employees to wear standard work uniforms. Not only do matching and professional work clothes help establish an element of credibility when it comes to store aesthetics, but they also may help increase the comfort level of technicians. When choosing automotive work uniforms however, there are a few things any store manager or owner should consider.

If your automotive workshop is for a particular make of car, you may want to consider issuing brandspecific work shirts. Even though this is a small detail of your shop, a brand-specific work shirt can greatly enhance the appearance of expertise when it comes to the type of cars you work with. You want your customers to know that your team of professionals are the most skilled to meet the needs of their vehicles maintenance or repairs.

Automotive technicians work with materials that can quickly destroy average workwear. Oils, caustic fluids, and greasy buildup are all substances that can easily destroy clothing, not to mention working underneath cars where clothing can rip or snag. Uniforms made especially for automotive technicians are made with durability in mind, with a higher quality than everyday clothing.

Because automotive technicians need to get beneath cars and under hoods, it’s important they’re not restricted by their clothing. Automotive workwear should be comfortable and breathable, especially since many auto shops can get very hot and can’t usually rely on air conditioning. Quality workwear that has been designed for the automotive industry will keep these things in mind when creating automotive work uniforms.

The color you choose for automotive uniforms can play a role in your automotive shop in a few different ways. First, it might be wise to consider a color that goes along with the overall look of your business, or match with your branding efforts. Or you may be looking for a more standard/traditional look, where a dark grey uniform may be in order.

Depending on the image you want your employees to portray, you should put some consideration into the colors you choose for your automotive uniforms.

This next point may come as a surprise, but employee uniforms can help contribute to a sense of loyalty to one’s company.

Standardized uniforms create unison amongst employees and can help to create a personal connection with the company. A uniform can also help employees to feel more confident that they are considered experts in their field.

In some auto shops, you may want to distinguish various roles of your employees. This can be done through different sets of uniforms. Perhaps managers wear a certain set while technicians wear another, or even those who work indoors in customer service. Depending on how large your automotive store is, it may be helpful for customers to have an easy way of determining who to go to for questions.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people will put more faith into someone in uniform than someone in everyday clothing. A uniform communicates a certain amount of knowledge and skill, and thus may help your automotive shop look more prestigious and credible than one down the road that wears everyday tshirts and jeans. A standardized set of uniforms will help to establish a stronger business appearance and an extra bit of validity.

For over 80 years, Prudential Overall Supply has provided best-in-class uniform solutions to local and national businesses all over the world. By making uniform rental, uniform leasing, and uniform purchases our business, we’ve made the commitment to seeing your business grow.

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