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Market Review for Moorebank Quarter ending March 2013 The most common asked questions by property owners in the Moorebank area have been answered in the information below. We hope that this information give you a good insight into your own property. If you have any immediate real estate needs please do not hesitate to contact either our office, 9822 5999 or directly to Derek, 0434 319 455.

How many properties where sold in 2013 ?


How many properties are for sale today ?


What was the highest sale price for 2013 ?

$ 765,000

What was the lowest sale price for 2013 ?

$ 280,000

What was the medium Price for 2013 ?

$ 502,000

Information collated for this report has been generated from RP Data,, along with Properties that are mentioned and reported are a combination of Prudential Real Estate Liverpool and other agents to provide as much information as possible. It is recommended that your own research to your circumstances should be taken and this information should be relied as general reading material as every circumstances and property is different. Please contacts us for independent advice.

Sold Properties

120b Renton Ave. Moorebank $ 420,000

5 Jack Osullivan Rd. Moorebank $ 559,000

4246 Hoy St. Moorebank $ 333,500

16 Ikara Cr. Moorebank $ 598,000

16 Swain St. Moorebank $ 523,000

130a Renton Ave. Moorebank $ 400,000

14 Sims St Moorebank $ 670,000

5/38 Junction Rd. Moorebank $ 465,000

45 Junction Rd. Moorebank $ 710,000

145 Nuwarra Road. Moorebank $ 495,000

1/85 Nuwarra Rd. Moorebank $ 360,000

31 Elouera Cres. Moorebank $ 495,000

Volume of sales for the Jan—March Quarter Number of Sales 10


8 6 4 2 0 Jan

Feb Months


Currently for sale

50 Kinghorne Ave.Bonnyrigg $ 425,000—$ 465,000

18 Feda Place. Hammondville $ 769,950

51/81 Memorial Ave. Liverpool $ 217,950

5/49 Bathurst St. Liverpool

66 Medley Ave. Liverpool $ 349,950—$ 399,950

23 Hull Ave. Lurnea

6/1 Lusty Ave. Moorebank $ 359,950

62 Corryton Court. Wattlegrove $ 549,950

Sale & Growth Chart for Liverpool’s Medium Price

Dollar Value

Median Sale 500000 450000 400000 350000 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Months

Do you own a rental property? We believe property management is about helping you create wealth At Prudential Real Estate Liverpool, our ambition is to add value over and above the traditional functions of a property management. We understand your rental property is a significant asset and that your chief objective is to maximize the return on your most valued investment. We’ve invested in the best technology and systems and procedures that takes care of collecting rent, coordinating repairs and maintenance as well as finding he right tenant. Our team will also focus on the bigger picture when it comes to you investment—that means working with you to maximize the potential of your property. For all of you rental needs feel free to contact us on 9822 5999.

10 Ways (you may not have thought of) to Choose the best agent 1.

Ask someone that you know that is looking to buy in your area—who provides the best service & follows up consistently and enthusiastically. 2. Search there listings on &—where they are positioned— only 35% of buyers look past the first page of the search results! 3. Call them after hours & if they don’t reach them see how long it takes them to call you back. 4. Visit there office, scope out there desk—do they look like they are professional. 5. Ask them if they will reduce their fees—those that cave in are poor negotiators with little confidence—good agents know what they are worth & protect their own fees (if they can’t protect their fees how can they protect your price.) 6. Ask them for the last 5 sales in the area like yours & quiz them on details—this knowledge is vital. 7. Ask them what their negotiation strategy to maximize price—isn’t that what you’re paying them for? 8. Ask them for 3 improvements you can undertake or styling that you can do to increase your price—Can they ad value? 9. Ask them if you can speak to 3 owners of recent properties that they tried to sell but did not sold—if they speak well of them you know that you are on the right track. 10. Visit them at the open house before they know you’re thinking of selling—notice how they treat buyers and if they follow you up.

Market Review - Moorebank - Derek Stone  

A general update of the market in real estate market for the first quarter of 2013.

Market Review - Moorebank - Derek Stone  

A general update of the market in real estate market for the first quarter of 2013.