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Vacationing Home Owners find a new ally in Storage Facilities The month of May always brings with it the hope of embarking on a mid-year vacation to recharge those tired minds. This year, Middle East Airlines who is also the national flag carrier has announced attractive flight packages for Lebanese citizens. Designed to cater to tourists who are looking to take a break at this time of the year, these enticing rates are valid all the way through till 25 th June. The offer includes an Economy class round trip to Athens, Greece for a paltry 190₏. Once in Greece, there are plenty of sightseeing options available for tourists. From exploring the mainland and the islands surrounding Greece to a luxury cruise holiday in the Mediterranean, one can choose as per their preferences. For those interested in a detailed vacation, there is always the option of venturing out on an Athens City Tour that opens up the Greek Capital in intimate detail. With a human presence that dates back to over 7000 years ago, Athens can be counted as one of the historically significant places on planet Earth. Deriving its name from Athena – the patron Goddess, Athens is a city that is credited as the torchbearer of western civilization as we know it today. Vacationing in Greece is akin to taking a lesson in ancient history at each and every step. While there are innumerable attractions to garner your attention, a visit is incomplete if one were to miss out on the following two:

The Acropolis which is a famous icon that’s recognized the world over. Once there, do remember to visit the Parthenon as it pays homage to the Goddess Athena who stands for courage, wisdom and inspiration. Besides the Parthenon, there are other important attractions around the place including the temple of Athena. Temple of Zeus: Dedicated to the Olympian, the Temple of Zeus is a significant landmark that is worth visiting for it holds such hidden gems such as the Roman Baths & the Arch of Hadrian amidst its surroundings.

All this vacation planning might just serve to bump up the excitement a bit. But while you are busy with all the arrangements, do remember to factor in the fact that your home and car/ bike are going to remain unattended during that time. Thankfully, there is no need to sweat it out like in the days of yore. These days, the proliferation of storage facilities have made overseas vacations a breezy, stress-free affair. All that’s needed is a quick check to ensure that the service provider chosen offers household storage solutions that can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Vacationing Home Owners find a new ally in Storage Facilities