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Tips To Safeguard Your Storage Unit against Burglaries There are many people who rent a storage unit and then forget about their belongings completely. This should never be the case. You need to be very vigilant as we’re talking about your very own belongings. Considering that the stored things are the ones that you really care about and do not want to discard at any cost, you need to be even more careful. According to the latest statistics, there are a number of thefts happening in the self storage industry. Therefore, it is wrong to trust any source blindly. You need to call up the manager and be in touch with him for the ultimate security of the stored goods. Read on to get some tips on how to safeguard your storage unit. 1. Ensure that the company deploys modern technologies – Recent technologies such as biometric access systems, password protection and others play a very important role in securing your unit and providing you with exclusive access to your goods. Simply knowing that these technologies are used is not enough. You need to go to the location and see if things are implemented in the right manner. Only then can you ensure complete safety of your goods. 2. Meet the manager – You should be on talking terms with the manager so that you know the status of your items. You should also ask the manager if the local police authorities are in contact with him or her as they would help to monitor your goods precisely. It is always a good idea to know how the entire process works out by getting in touch with the manager on a regular basis. 3. Keep all the passwords and crucial data to yourself – It is extremely important to keep all your passwords and other important information confidential. Don’t trust anybody as the information can leak in a myriad of ways and before you even realize it, you would have already lost all your possessions. That’s the reason why you need to save your passwords electronically and avoid revealing them to anyone. 4. Don’t keep all the precious items right at the entrance – This is a simple move yet an intelligent one. It’s quite natural for thieves to steal your expensive things if they are highlighted and kept right at the entrance. To make things difficult and impossible for the burglars, you need to ensure that the things are stored way inside the unit so that the thieves can’t even spot

them in the first place. 5. Select the right lock and key – Often, thieves break into your unit by cutting off the bolt and hence you need to opt for cylinder or disc locks. Such locks are difficult to cut, thereby reducing the chances of theft. Follow the above mentioned tips to protect your storage units from burglars and to attain complete security.

Tips to safeguard your storage unit against burglaries  
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