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Tips to Maintain Storage Units in Winter – Control The Climate It is best to opt for climate controlled units all year round. However, in case that’s not possible you need to adhere to certain tips in order to prevent damage of your belongings. While not all the goods get spoilt in winter, there are quite a few that may get damaged when the temperature dips. Mentioned below is a set of tips to store goods in winter.


Separate all the electronic goods – Electronic goods can get easily damaged in a cold atmosphere. They will either rust or crack in winter. Hence, you must first transfer all the electronic goods to a climate controlled unit.

2. Remove all the leather items – All leather items can get damaged in cold and moisture-laden weather. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is take away things such as art and craft antiques, musical instruments, wooden furniture and others from the scene. You need to keep them neatly packed within the four walls of your house.

3. Take extra care while storing any kind of vehicle - In case of vehicle storage, you need to filter out the fuel from the engine. Also, you need to clear and lubricate all the main parts of the vehicle to prevent rusting in the cold weather.

4. Keep the goods off the floor – It is important to store the goods away from the floor as we don’t want the moisture from the floor to get in touch with the stored items. You can use pallets that are available in a variety of types to keep the goods off the floor.

5. Use boxes of different kinds – Use boxes of different types and seal them properly so as to prevent critters and other kinds of infestation.

6. Store your car optimally –The batteries of the car may get frozen in winter. Therefore it is important to take them off as soon as the temperature dips. You also need to have wooden planks or blocks to keep the vehicle off the floor of the garage or storage facility.

Although cold weather is not as troublesome as hot or humid temperature, there are still high chances of damage when the temperature gets lower. Storage units also need to be revamped as per the changing seasons. Keep the above tips in mind before you store your goods in winter to keep them in good condition for many years to come.

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Tips to maintain storage units in winter – control the climate storage bahrain