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Tips on maintaining that flawless paint finish on your car

So you recently made your wallet lighter by giving your prized possession that beautiful coat of expensive paint that she so deserved. We all love our cars, which is why we treat it as an investment. One that we would never like to give away—ever! We keep them covered and make sure that they never come in contact with the elements and take them out only on that beautiful sunny day in Dubai. We’re talking about that special car, that’s never used to commute; but only driven for your driving pleasure. But not all of us are lucky enough to get that perfect indoor parking spot away from the elements; which is why at times they have to be covered with sheets and other layers of protection, which can damage that beautiful flawless coat of fresh paint. Dust gathering over time, along with the weather (dry or humid—you choose!) and you being busy with work can only make things worse; keeping you away from your car for extended periods of time. Most car experts would suggest that the best protection any car needs is a simple coat of wax which needs to be done over and over again on a timely basis. But different people have different opinions; some of which may be true while the rest—false. Here are some tips sourced in from the experts in car maintenance around Dubai which you could use to keep your beauty spotless for years on end. 1) Its best to hand the job over the experts else its simply you and your car: Most car lovers do not mind handing over their cars to the experts; except that in the end, there is that large cheque that needs to be handed over too. Simply put, there are two types of auto maintenance specialists, ones who are the experts and others who are not. The expert would simply feel the paint on your car’s bonnet and tell you its condition (yes they are that good indeed!). He could even point out flaws in a brand new car for that matter. But fearing a large bill, people usually hand over the waxing job to ‘someone else’. Someone else who would probably try his skills on your car and not give you your money’s worth even at the reduced price. It is best to get the waxing done yourself— immediately starting after the car has been brought in from the paint job. This would help you know every square centimetre of your car better, while dropping your maintenance costs—keeping you and your car happy.

2) Get the right tools: Since you are going to get the job done, might as well get some tips online and practice on your commuter vehicle or another piece of metal; before you can begin work on your special one. Getting quality tools and equipment is equally important in this case because they are going to form the contact point when you begin working on your car. Your skills can only help you only that much; but the right equipment can give you a lot more in return.

3) A good wash can keep the paint clean: A good wash can keep the paint clean. But beware! Dubai’s water is a bit more saline, meaning that if the water is not cleared off the paint completely, there are bound to be deposits of salts leading to oxidation; giving you that chalky layer which takes the shine away. Always use good quality cleaning sheets; and use a new one every time you take your car out, to avoid swirl marks on your paint. Tiny particles always remain behind in the cleaning cloth after a wash, which will scratch the paint the next time you use it.

4) Go in this sequence: First give your car a wash; then clear off the water; let the car dry and then begin the waxing process. It is always wise do the aforementioned in direct sunlight earlier in the morning so that you can check the paint properly for damage.

At the end of it all if you really do not have the time to do any of the above even once in a month, then it is wise that you hand over your precious automobile in the hands of a vehicle storage specialist in Dubai. Vehicle storage facilities in Dubai will take care of your car as their own and usually have climate-controlled facilities making sure that the car remains in a moisture free environment keeping all its parts pristine and looking like new. These facilities are usually a division of storage facilities in Dubai meaning that, it is what they specialise in; which is why they would know how to do it best.

Tips on maintaining that flawless paint finish on your car