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Questions You Need to Ask Your Moving Company You have to move out from your current house and relocate somewhere else. Huge task, isn’t it? Well, if you have decided to take the help of movers and packers. Well, it is better to be sure that you have selected the best company. So, how do you do it? Here’s how – ask questions to your moving company. Now, you must be wondering what questions to ask. Here’s a list of a few questions you can put across: 1. How old is Your Business?

Well, it is a very important question. It is essential for you to know the company’s background and the experience they hold in this business. Do not hesitate to ask as to how long they have been in the business. It is essential that you handover your possessions to a company with a good experience in this field. A company which has been in the market for a long time will know how to handle even the toughest situations. Also, they have expert staffs who know how to handle goods.

2. Do You Provide Us With An Estimate?

It is of high importance that you get a proper estimate of how much will the entire moving process cost you. Generally, companies will give you a rough estimate. However, will they write it down in a proper document? Well, that is what you need to ask. What otherwise happens is, you lock in a certain amount as your payment and then the final cost results in dropping jaws and raised eyebrows. Thus, it is essential that you ask for a written estimate. A good mover will provide you with a capped estimate, so you know approximately what is expected out of the final bill.

3. How about the Insurance?

You have all your belongings being taken from one place to the other. All your belongings are precious to you. However, what if unfortunately, there is any kind of damage caused or even worsesomething is misplaced or stolen? Who is responsible for the same? Insuring your goods is vital. Sometimes, you might tend to think that

insurance is included in the moving package itself. However, this is not the case with all moving companies. It is thus essential that you ask the company whether they provide insurance or not. If they do, probe further with what are the insurance policies.

4. Do You Have Temporary Storage?

If you are taking a long distance move, you might need a temporary storage. Certain companies are known to provide free temporary storage for a specific time period. Some others are known to charge for the same. Ask your moving company how they provide temporary storage. Also, check on the rates of these storage spaces; you do not want to pay high fees.

5. How Early Do I have to Book?

It is essential that you ask this question. Most of the leading companies have a lot of bookings all the time. So, it is advisable that you find out how prior you need to book with them. This is especially necessary, when you need to travel a long distance. Also, you can without hesitation ask about the discounts and offers that the company offers. Usually, many companies offer a good discount if you book early with them.

6. What are the cancellation policies?

Well, the only disadvantage of booking early could be a huge penalty for cancellation. Check with the cancellation policies thoroughly and then decide if you really want to book early. If the cancellations are easy and do not involve a lot of troublesome processes, it is pretty sorted and you can go ahead with this company.

7. What do the Previous Clients Have to Say?

The best people to tell you how great or bad a company are the company’s old clients. Their testimonials and opinions will speak for the company’s services. Ask your company if you can have a word with any of their previous clients and the kind of answer you get will show you how confident the company is with their services. Essentially, these are a few questions that will ease your stress and make you doubt free when it comes to choosing the best moving company. It is important that you know what to expect from the entire process of packing and moving and how can you prepare yourself.

Questions you need to ask your moving company  
Questions you need to ask your moving company  

In order to ensure that you have chosen the best moving company, it is vital that you ask the company about their experience, their booking...