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Morning Desert Safari: An Unforgettable Experience You can enjoy a lot of activities in the morning desert safari like camel riding, quad biking, sand skiing, dune bashing and capture these moments in your camera lenses to have memories to cherish forever. The deserts of Dubai are certainly beautiful. The never ending, golden sand dunes are truly enthralling. To spend a nice morning in the deserts is definitely a lucrative idea. Well, you can surely try this out and have a great time in the Arabian sands.

ď‚Ť Drive Through the Desert:

Generally, this tour starts early in the morning. You will be picked up in an SUV, from your hotel or the spot that you have fixed up with your tour operator. As you drive through the desert, what you see in front of you is nothing but sheer beauty of nature. The drive takes you to the heart of the desert, where you treat your eyes to the incessant sands. Admire the beauty of the deserts and capture the beautiful desert moments in your camera.

ď‚Ť Dune Bashing:

One of the most exciting adventures you will have, dune bashing is simply enthralling. As the 4x4 SUV takes a bumpy ride into the sand dunes, you can feel a strong adrenaline rush. You absolutely need not worry about your safety and security. The drivers are experts and have the correct license, training and know-how of how to handle the vehicle. Generally, this activity lasts for about 20 minutes.

 Camel Rides:

What’s a desert experience without a ride on the ‘ship of the desert’? The tour operator will take for a visit to the camel farm. You can admire the camels here and then take a short ride. You can thus get a glimpse of how the traditional Arab travellers journeyed through these gorgeous sand dunes. Camel riding is one of a kind experience that you will have.

 Sand Skiing:

Yes, you read it right! Sand skiing is one sport which is highly famous in Dubai. It is an amusing activity where you can have a lot of fun with your family and friends. Racing down the sand dunes with skis is something you have never probably done before. You might like it so much that you might never get enough of it! This is one thing that you must definitely do in your desert safari trip.

 Quad Biking:

This is another fun experience which just doubles in happiness amidst friends and family. Quad bikes have become an integral part of Dubai desert safaris. You can enjoy these rides with complete safety and security. You will be provided with all the necessary training and hence, you need not worry about the safety. Capturing the best moments of your safari, a morning full of fun and frolic is what you will take back with you after you are done with this trip. For more information about







Morning desert safari an unforgettable experience  

You can enjoy a lot of activities in the morning desert safari like camel riding, quad biking, sand skiing, dune bashing and capture these m...

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