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Heritage Heaven of Dubai The authenticity of the city of gold lies in its olden charm. Tourists who love to see the glitz and glamour of this emirate also look forward to seeing what the other traditional part of the city holds. Dubai is full of wonders for its visitors. In one place where it holds the tallest buildings, it also is home for its conventional bazaars and historical places.

Hatta Village: This 16th century wonder is a stand out amidst the Hajjar Mountains. This mesmerizing village is an excellent example of a traditional village and the architecture seconds it perfectly. Watchtowers, a mosque, mud and stone houses, dominates the village. This village has been impeccably preserved by the government and provides the tourists with an amazing experience of old Dubai. Bastakiya: This area is near the creek and has many old buildings which host traditional wind towers and sand colored walls. A lot of art galleries are housed here which display the art and culture of the city. The little coffee shops decorate the courtyards and the alleyways pour out the ethnic culture of this city. Dubai Museum: Built is 1787, this place was opened for the masses in 1971. The museum displays many antiques and relics from different parts of the world. The museum houses the Souk city’s past

and present. It showcases archaeological exhibits from desert excavations, pearl diving treasures, the desert Bedouins’ lifestyles and a tryst with the date farmers. Sheikh Saeed’s House: This mansion, was the official residency of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum who ruled Dubai from 1912-1958. Built way back in 1896, it has a rare collection of historic photographs, stamps, coins and documents that are a vital representative of Dubai’s history. The house has amazing article from the 19th century which displays Arabic architecture. Fujairah Fort: Fujairah Fort’s construction dates back to 1670. This mesmerizing fort was built with mud and bricks. Standing proudly, this fort is the oldest one in UAE. However, its main structure has undergone renovation after the British bombarded it in the early 20th century. The entry to the fort is cost free and the tourists can treat their eyes by watching olden town architecture like the walls, towers, monuments and the picturesque from the fort. All the above mentioned places are preferred heritage sites in the city and they define the olden days in Dubai and showcase its roots. It is representative of the culture, customs and traditions that the people from this city believe in. so if you are visiting Dubai, you should definitely take a Dubai heritage tour to these locations which shows you another bright side of this emirate. Heritage sights in Dubai showcase a totally different and unique side of Dubai that contradicts the otherwise glamorous city. This part of the city gives the tourists a complete feel of the beautiful ancient traditions of Dubai.

Heritage heaven of dubai  

The authenticity of the city of gold lies in its olden charm. Tourists who love to see the glitz and glamour of this emirate also look forwa...