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Exploring the East Coast of UAE The United Arab Emirates is a place which has something to offer to anyone and everyone. A nation full of mesmerizing places and a perfect holiday destination is what UAE is all about. A tour to the east coast of UAE is a must when you are done exploring Dubai.

♦ Dhaid Oasis: When you begin your tour from Dubai, you will drive through the most scenic places. The panorama around you constantly changes, getting prettier as you move forward. The wonderful mountain picturesque is simply a spellbinding landscape. As you reach the town of Dhaid, what you see in front of you is a striking oasis town. This town is the third largest town in the UAE. It is known to be the main producer of fruits and vegetables that are sold in UAE. You can shop in the market place. Pick up the famous Arabian dates from this town. The market place also sells a wide array of other things like local carpets, pottery, dried fish, etc. You can also enjoy the red sand dunes, there’s a lot to capture in your camera! This place also offers you some great options like quad biking, fossil hunting and camping. What’s more! The Dhaid town also has camel race tracks which you can enjoy in the winter months.

♦ Masafi: Well, after you’ve spent time in the oasis, enter the market place of Masafi. It is a small village that is located at the edge of the breathtakingly beautiful Hajjar Mountains. The market place in Masafi is known as Souk al Juma or the Friday market, even though it is open on all the seven days of the week. The market sells lovely earthenware, rugs, carpets and other antiques. That’s not all; this

place also has a beautiful fresh water spring. It also has various scenic spots; from one point, you can view the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. The local fishing harbour of Dibba is also worth a visit.

♌ City of Fujairah: The city of Fujairah is nothing less than a beauty. The old fort of Fujairah was built way back in the year 1670, with mud and bricks only. Today, it stands renovated as it was bombarded by the British in the early 20 th century. The fort can be visited free of charge. It shows the history of UAE through the towers, the town walls and the other monuments. Well, after touring this museum, you can also enjoy a unique sport of bull fighting. It is the only place where you can enjoy the bloodless duels. A visit to the east coast is definitely worth. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, you can see a part of UAE that is dominated by natural beauty than the man made malls or skyscrapers. The east coast tour of United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer its tourists. The Masafi area, the oasis down of Dhaid and the Fujairah city are mesmerizing places with a lot of attractions that can be enjoyed. For more information about dubai please visit

Exploring the east coast of uae  

The United Arab Emirates is a place which has something to offer to anyone and everyone. A nation full of mesmerizing places and a perfect h...