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Do’s and Don’ts of Car Storage A car is not simply a way of getting from point A to point B. It truly is much more. Leaving aside all the emotional hooks of automotive marketing boffins, one of the most fundamental purposes of a car is to be in motion. Thus when one starts looking for a car storage solution, it can only mean

Usually car storage tends to be for a time period that extends beyond a month or two. Now, it would be common sense to do everything that they can in order to have their vehicle in top shape on their return. Unfortunately however, even the modern automobile can succumb to the rigours of long term storage. For example, all the electronic aids and gizmos in a modern day automobile rely on a well charged electrical system. Thus, if the battery were to run down, chances are that they’d be stranded. This is why, if makes sense to store your precious set of wheels with a storage company that offers specialized facilities to car owners. But, one cannot simply put their car into storage and walk off. Here’s a list of things that need to be attended to before one goes away:

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One can most certainly use the services of the friendly self storage solutions provider. However, car storage is a specialized service and one does have to confirm if the solutions provider is up-to the task When storing a car, choose the indoor storage option. The lower cost of storage in outdoor lots may look tempting but then one would have to be prepared for greatly increased maintenance costs Some companies advertise that they would crank the car and let the engine run at regular intervals. Walk away from such firms. This practice increases the chances of moisture condensation being formed in key vehicle components. If one does have to choose such an option, make sure that the cars are driven around on the storage company premises at regular intervals Give the car a thorough wash, wax and polish job. A car that has been on the road is sure to have a lot of dirt and other stuff embedded in nooks and crevices. During storage, the stationary conditions often lead to the decay of the embedded stuff, thereby leading to accelerated corrosion and other harmful effects Similarly, fill the gas tank to the brim before putting into storage. A partially filled gas tank is prone to moisture formation that can lead to severe complications in the sensitive fuel delivery systems in cars Empty the car out of all personal belongings and any other stored items. This helps reduce the chances of the car becoming an attraction for critters and rodents

Later, when it is time to bring the car out of the mothballs, do resist the temptation of driving off the way you did before it went into storage. Drive around carefully to ensure that all systems are brought up to operating conditions. Also, it is best to change the fluids and get a good onceover at the workshop in the neighbourhood.

Do’s and Don’ts of Car Storage  
Do’s and Don’ts of Car Storage  

Leaving aside all the emotional hooks of automotive marketing boffins, one of the most fundamental purposes of a car is to be in motion. Thi...