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All Your Packing Needs Answered We all move out at some time or the other, and when we do, we need to make sure we’ve got our packing right. Given below are some useful tips, tricks, and may be ideas to help you set up and put in order the things you will take to your new home. Read on. 1. Pre-Packing:  Make a list: You need to put everything down. It is extremely useful, and you will realise its importance, only once you have unpacked your new life in your new place. You could either do it with a book and pen, or have it on your computer, or on your mobile phone. You should have a list of the number of boxes that will be utilised, and the things you will put in them. However, you don’t start your packing till you have your list jotted down completely.  Make sure you have sufficient supplies: This is where you make sure you have plenty of boxes, labels, marking pens, box tape, and other essentials. Packing and moving does not mean just having the needed boxes, but having additional stuff just in case you may need them. In any case, you can return the unused supplies and get a refund if you have bought them from a moving company.

2. While packing:  When you are packing your stuff make certain that you make use of packing tape and not any other tape as there are chances that your stuff may fall off and break or get damaged. Besides, a packing tape is made for a reason. It helps in fastening stuff better than the ordinary one.  You need not pack anything and everything. Keep your credentials, (legal documents, licenses, etc), precious items, medications and other necessary things with you.  When you fill up one box make certain that you label it. You can use different colours to signify what is in the box. Do not generalise anything, it will be really difficult when unpacking. Thus, you could pack up boxes as per the room. Besides, it will also help your moving company to unload your goods. 3. Unpacking:

 Get the major furniture out first before you open up the smaller boxes. This includes your closet, couch, beds, tools and equipment, etc. Also, when the big items are set first, you will know exactly what goes where.  Bring your list and start to unpack the box one by one. Unless you’re not done with one box, do not move onto the other one. It will only create a mess and you will be lost.

All your packing needs answered