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Abu Dhabi – A Place You Cannot Miss Out On! Abu Dhabi promises a great time for its visitors. It has amazing places like the traditional mosques, cornices, the Ferrari World and also hosts some breathtaking traditional sports making this place a must have in the Dubai city tour package. Dubai is one of the most favorite and popular destinations all over the world which must be visited at least once in a lifetime. There’s so much to look around in this place right from the amazing beaches to the tall skyscrapers, from the mesmerizing dhows to the never ending beautiful deserts, the city offers something for everyone. Many travel companies offer a variety of options to choose from. They have various Dubai tour packages that you can choose from as per your likes and preferences.

To select a perfect travel plan, it is firstly important that a registered, certified and licensed firm is chosen. One plan that your Dubai city tour package should definitely include is a trip to Abu Dhabi. Your visit to Dubai will remain incomplete if you’ve not visited the city of Abu Dhabi. Being the largest of the seven emirates, this city is known for its beautiful palaces, spellbinding cornices and mosques which are rich in architecture. Abu Dhabi has some very nice markets for shopping which are famous for the amazing carpets they sell. Carpets from all over the world are sold here in Abu Dhabi’s carpet market are reasonable and affordable prices. This city is also known for its rich traditional sports like camel racing, falconry, equestrian sports, dhow racing and many such activities. Camel racing is one sport which is the pride of UAE’s heritage. Earlier, these races were conducted during important festive occasions or marriages. But today, the sport has gathered a lot of eyeballs and is practiced with much interest. Other sports are also carried out with a lot of enthusiasm and splendor.

There’s much more to Abu Dhabi than the skyscrapers, architectural wonders and sports. Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari world is something every tourist must visit when touring this emirate. It is a Ferrari theme based amusement park which is highly popular amongst the tourists. This is one of a kind amusement park and covers a vast area of 200,000 square meters. Being an indoor amusement park, it is the largest of its kinds in the world. The park caters to the entertainment of all the age groups. A much popular ride in this park is Ferrari Rossa which is a gigantic roller coaster. Filled with about 20 different kinds of rides and a wide array of games for both, kids and adults, this amusement park is simply a mesmerizing experience for its visitors. The Ferrari museum is another place to definitely make a stop at and have a glance at the varied types of Ferrari cars; you can pick up some really nice Ferrari merchandise from the stores as well. Binging on the widely available Italian cuisine, one can enjoy a variety of other exquisite dishes. So while booking your Dubai city tour package, make sure that you visit this wonderful emirate of Abu Dhabi to promise yourself some great time and excellent memories to take back home!

Abu dhabi a place you cannot miss out on!  

Abu Dhabi promises a great time for its visitors. It has amazing places like the traditional mosques, cornices, the Ferrari World and also h...

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