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W Hotel offers wedding social media #digitalscrapbook By Molly Costello

the wedding, they are able to stay connected through social media. W Hotel believes it may be in the process of molding a modern day digital scrapbook with its ability to use multi-faceted media platforms throughout the wedding. The service not only offers day-of support but also helps promote and broadcast important events connected to the wedding such as engagement photos and cake tastings.

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W Hotels in New York has proposed the latest and greatest wedding fad. For $3,000 brides and grooms to be can hire a “social media wedding concierge” to broadcast their big day. According to an e-mail pitch from W Hotel sent to the Huffington Post in March, “from live tweets and #hashtags to Vine videos and Instagram filters, W's Social Media Wedding Concierge will document the „I Dos‟ and encourage guests to utilize a dedicated wedding hashtag for every one of their posts.” Traditionally, weddings have been private events with family and close friends. Now PR teams from big name hotels such as W are encouraging weddings to be publicized.

Chapter members attend a speaker, agency tour and networking workshop

The idea behind this service is that it provides instant and easily accessible updates. For instance, if a relative lives outside of the country and is unable to attend

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Kim and Kayne grace another cover (ours) #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple

Inside this issue: Page 2 Three committees combine and a last word from our president

A look at Copenhagen Zoo and other crisis situations

By Julia Lista

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The recent engagement of Kim Kardashian and outspoken rapper, Kanye West, has been at the center of media attention in the

According to the article, W Hotels‟ Global Social Media Strategist, Alyssa Kiefer, confessed that the idea of a social media “concierge” is a little over the top. However, she believes this new trend will eventually become the norm. In response to criticism on sites such as Twitter, Kiefer stated in the article, “We‟re sure couples balked at the idea of traditional wedding planners years ago and now you wouldn‟t think of planning a wedding without one.” Although $3,000 may seem a bit

past year. Everything from West‟s racy “Bound 2” music video to his physical assault of an 18-year-old who harassed Kim has resulted in the “Kimye” media takeover. The April issue of Vogue magazine recently hit the stands and, yet again, Kimye had everyone talking. Twitter, Facebook and national news focused their coverage on the cover that pictured Kim in a wedding gown and Kanye cradling her. The cover included the hashtag, #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, which proved to be very true upon the release of the magazine. Fans of the magazine even took it a step further by criticizing the highly respected Vogue Editor -In-Chief, Anna Wintour. She pub-

Source:, Andy

excessive, Kiefer believes the program will be successful. Regardless of whether or not “social media weddings” will become popular, W Hotels‟ idea has reiterated the fact that modern day weddings tend to be extravagant and expensive. According to Huffington Post Tech Editor, Bianca Bosker, this service is only available through Dec. 31, 2014. Perhaps W Hotel is merely testing the waters to determine if the service will be well received. Only time will tell if social media weddings are in our futures.

licly defended her executive decision, according to US Weekly “Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it.” Feelings on the cover are mixed; some people see the cover as an insult to high fashion, while others see the duo as the embodiment of fashion and pop culture. There is no doubt that Kimye will continue to fascinate the public and always keep people talking.


Marist PRSSA committees band together By Kate Hardcastle

North Road hosts a successful firm lunch By Maria Gironas North Road Communications recently held a client lunch, hosting both current account executives and clients. Each client was able to talk about his/her positive experiences with North Road and highlight projects we have tackled as a firm. North Road adviser, Dr. Nadine Hoffmann, and past adviser, Jennie Donohue, were also in attendance at the lunch. After lunch, each client contact got to sit down one-onone with his/her account executive to map out the semester ahead. The event proved to be a huge success and due to its great feedback, North Road is considering making it an event each semester. As the semester winds down for North Road, staff members have been finishing their last projects and the firm is expected to have close to a 100% assignment completion rate for this semester. In addition, applications for North Road will be coming out next week and interested members can apply to the firm, though spots are limited.

General members are encouraged to be actively involved in the Marist Red Foxes PRSSA Chapter. One way they can do this is by joining a committee. Committees assist the e-board in many different ways such as ensuring that events go smoothly, accommodating guests that come to campus, brainstorming ideas and more. Without the help of our various committees, the Chapter would not be as successful as it is today. They are a quintessential part of our

Chapter and their help is always appreciated. Last semester the fundraising committee, the community service committee and the event planning committee were each their own entity and did not intermingle. However, this semester we decided to combine all of the committees in order to ensure that all members had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects.

members choose exactly what projects they would like to work on. This is beneficial because now all members are given an opportunity to explore and help with their different areas of interest. If you wish to join the Event Planning Committee or have any ideas for the upcoming semester please email maristcollegeprssa

All three committees now fall under the title “Event Planning Committee� and committee

Email: Twitter: @MaristPRSSA Facebook: Blog: Pinterest: Marist PRSSA




A Letter from the Chapter President During Open House for Accepted Students weekend I had the opportunity to speak to prospective public relations students on behalf of the communications department. Having this opportunity to interact with the students and their parents made me reflect on my time with PRSSA here at Marist. When I ran for an e-board position in the spring of 2011, I never would have imagined how much being a part of this organization would be a part of my life and what opportunities it would present to me. Whether it was attending guest speaker lunches, participating in agency tours or making many connections for internships or potential jobs, my opportunities through PRSSA have made this organization a vital part of my career here at Marist. At the end of my presentation, I remember a student and her parents came up to me and asked me why I chose Marist. I stood there and smiled and just said, “everything.” I didn‟t know what

else to say or how else to explain it. There is an indescribable feeling that comes with being a Marist student and why we love it here as I‟m sure you understand. I could not think of anywhere else to call my home. My final words of advice to you all is don‟t take anything for granted. These past four years have flown by, and I will be forever grateful for my experiences and the opportunities that have been presented to me as a Marist student. Thank you to you all for allowing me to serve as your leader. I have no doubt that your new president, Mckensie Saldo, and her executive board will lead you all into another year of success. As Professor Jennie Donohue would say: „Til Soon,

Erica Conover Class of 2014

Join the E-Board and run for a position! Photo courtesy of Jennie Donohue

By Ashley Hellberg The second half of the semester was filled with guest speakers, most of them being Marist alumni. The public relations industry better get ready for all of the PR professionals that Marist is producing! Alumna Lauren Moran, manager of baseball information for the New York Yankees, came to speak to our members and the sports public relations class. She talked about working in the very fast paced industry, how to be taken seriously as a woman in a maledominated field and the importance of networking as much as possible because you never know what kinds of opportunities can come from it. A big thing that the members took away from the presentation is that if you love what you are doing, it will never feel like work. Next, we had alumnus Michael O‟Brien, partner at Ketchum, present to our members. He spoke about the importance of public presentation skills in our future career fields. Having good presentation skills can give people a huge leg up when trying to get hired for jobs and when trying to secure a client. Learning about how helpful good public speaking skills are from an industry professional taught our members that it truly is a necessary evil. Most recently, 13 of our members and Faculty Adviser Jennie Donohue went to New York City to visit two public relations agencies, Peppercomm and Zeno Group. Both agencies are filled with Marist graduates, so it was very exciting to see our alumni working in top PR firms, getting our members excited for their own futures in public relations. The day was filled with information about agency life and advice on how to break into the public relations field. This trip was definitely one of the highlights of the semester! We also hosted recent Marist grad Kelsey Donohue who spoke via Skype about how to land a new using social media. Plus there was a networking workshop with Faculty Adviser Jennie Donohue, and to close the year, our annual induction ceremony featuring Fraser Seitel.


PR LinkedIn pointers straight from the professionals. mes In beco d e k in L , st , not ju ing day s s s e a h c p r h a b se er ith eac g and jo ememb wed. W R in . k ie r v le o p e w o t b ill of ne hire pe rofile w ost.” ble form look to a t a “Your p lu h re you p a t o v f s e ly ie b g n k in a s ea tion r comp , so thin an incr munica , but fo forever ls m is a o t u C f id in r o ssor l footp for indiv ct Profe r digita n u ju o y d t A a , ie th n Mass Timmia Check our Professor Massie‟s full blog post : linkedin-etiquette-woo-before-you-pop.html

By Tatiana Miranda

“Take advantage of the opportunity to upload images, videos, presentations and documents into your profile. Turn your profile into a portfolio.” Stephen Cole, Executive Director of Career Services

“As a college st ud ing and netwo ent, your goal in using Linke rking, and you dIn should be can do this by le information. In asking for advi arnthe box that sa ce and ys, I‟d like to a dd you to my n you must expla etwork, in why you‟re asking.” Ellyn Enisman , Adjunct Profe ssor of Comm unication

“I suggest researching key words that will resonate with people in your industry. This will help your page get noticed by the right people. The skills section can be the ideal spot for key words (e.g., „Cision,‟ not „computer skills‟).” LoriBeth Grennan, Visting Professional Lecturer

ur headline. Although “It is essential to write yo ion as lly use your current posit LinkedIn will automatica y to wa to change it. This is a your headline, I urge you are an d tell recruiters why you differentiate yourself an your nal touch and move into asset. Start with a perso professional highlights.” g Professional Lecturer

Lori Beth Greenan, Vistin

PRSSA networking event forces students out of comfort zone By Marguerite Pinheiro On Wednesday, April 16, Faculty Adviser Jennie Donohue, with help from three other faculty members, hosted a networking workshop. The workshop was publicized to the members but not many details were given on the exact logistics of the event. When the members arrived, each was told to write her name on a nametag and get some food and beverages. Everyone was quietly chatting when, out of nowhere and in a rather dramatic fashion, a scandalously

dressed woman with a bad, black wig flew in through the door. The mystery woman was wearing bright red lipstick and had a tear in her stockings. Although it took a second, the members soon realized it was none other than the amazing professor herself LoriBeth Greenan. Professor Donohue (aka Gwen) then introduced the members to Heidi (Professor Hoffman), Lola (Professor Rozelle), and Gabriella (Professor Greenan). She then commenced the networking

Gwen did “PR for cats,” Heidi did not speak a lick of English, and Lola and Gabriella were atrociously rude. Each scenario at hand was an absolute nightmare.

Professors at the Workshop: Face-

event. As soon as the members began mingling, it was evident that this was no ordinary networking workshop.

By the end of the workshop, it became obvious that the professors were acting as the frightening yet potential people who attend networking events. They were forcing the members out of their comfort zones and ultimately teaching very valuable lessons on how to keep their cool.




Thirteen PRSSA members take to the city to tour PR firms By Lizzy Peper Thirteen PRSSA members braved a 7:30 a.m. departure time from Marist to attend this year‟s PR agency tour in New York City. These Chapter representatives took the train on April 11 to learn more about agency life and explore two different work environments.

The first destination of the day was Peppercomm. Account Executive Samantha Bruno and Marist alum Alex Shippee greeted us in the lobby and gave us a brief tour of the two floors that Peppercomm occupies in its building. The agency‟s brainstorming room was particularly memorable. The glass walls of the room allowed the tour attendees to take a peek at the stacks of magazines, white board walls and fun chairs inside. After getting a good look at the office set up, the Chapter members and Faculty Adviser Jennie Donohue listened to a presentation from Samantha, Alex, Account Executive Julie Hoang and Director Chris Gillick.

The four employees explained that they put in a lot of hard work at Peppercomm but they also “know how to play hard.” Samantha emphasized that although each of them has specific industry interests, they are not confined to their area of work because of the variety of clients at the agency. Peppercomm works with financial, consumer and architecture brands, just to name a few. Peppercomm‟s slogan, “listen, engage, repeat,” describes the firm‟s main methods for how it treats its clients. If you are interested in being a part of this well-oiled machine, Peppercomm offers full-time, paid internships. Julie explained that the company treats its interns like temporary associates. Look on their website for more information. The second stop of the day was at the nearby Zeno Group. Close friends and Marist alums Katie Pfiester and Laura Zanzal led an interactive session in their neon green and bright white conference room.

A PowerPoint showed case studies from Seattle Coffee, Pizza Hut and Netflix. “If you‟re up for the challenge and doing weird things, this is the right industry for you,” Zanzal said. Both Laura and Katie reflected the welcoming and creative environment at Zeno Group as they explained the numerous projects that they have balanced in the past at the agency.

jects as valuable learning experiences. She commented that capping outcomes and retail jobs can sound just as positive to employers as internships if the stories are framed the right way. The PRSSA members left New York City with more

A l o n g with these projects, Katie exPRSSA members pose at Zeno Group plained that fun activities and events are a frequent insight into the work environoccurrence at work. “You ments and responsibilities of have fun stories to tell working different public relations firms. The networking and hands-on here,” she said. opportunities provided were In terms of interviewing for important stepping stones for internships and jobs Laura these future public relations advised the students to frame professionals. their activities and school pro-

Michael O‟Brien offers advice to PRSSA members By Katelyn Pecorelli

Marist alumnus Michael O‟Brien was kind enough to share his words of wisdom with the 2014 PRSSA Chapter on March 26, 2014. He shared what he feels are the top 10 things that are most important in the public relations industry. 1. Media consumption is changing. Television is no longer the number one source of media. People find out information through all of the different forms of media before it even has a chance to hit television stations.

Michael O‟Brien with Chapter President Erica Conover

2. Big data, little data. Big data is no longer the most important form of data. Now, it is

all about the little data and all about the proof, and proof is in the numbers. 3. Insight and creativity are both extremely important skills to have while working in the public relations industry. 4. Content development: one must be able to work on all different aspects of the industry. 5. Social and digital: it is one thing to be involved in social and digital media, but it is another to be involved properly. One‟s appearance on all forms of social media is important to the business world because of how others will view them.

6. Media and solution agnostic. Paid Earned Shared Owned. 7. Social Sciences 8. Understand how to make money. Public relations people are business people who know how to communicate. 9. Confident communicator 10. Never stop learning. In the public relations industry it is all about growing and continuing our knowledge in the work force. The best way to view this is as a lattice. We must move on a lattice rather than a ladder. In order to grow sometimes we need to go sideways before we can go up.


PR CRISIS HOTLINE esPResso analyzes the latest #PRFails in the media and how savvy PR skills were used to mend the issues

Metro-North hires new president after experiencing worst year yet By Micaela Sanger The death of an employee, train derailing and a devastating explosion, among other things, have contributed significantly to the hiring of a new president along with the declining reputation of the Metro-North railroad system. Metro-North has recently stated that 2013 was its worst year in history. In addition, the company‟s on-time performance was its worst since the 1990s. Following a rail accident in December when a derailment in the Bronx killed four people and injured more than 70, a federal review denounced the railroad‟s “deficient safety culture.” Metro-North announced that they would pay the medical bills for those injured in the derailment, but then, “outrageously broke that promise and ceased paying any bills for those wounded by their negligence,” according to a report from the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff.

Source: Matt Hinsta

Following the release of a scathing report from the Federal Railroad Administration, Metro-North has instituted new safety measures. It has already modified its signal system to enforce speed limits at certain locations, and commuters were invited this past month to meet Metro-North‟s new president, Joseph J. Giulietti, and other top officials to air grievances about the railroad. At the meeting, a “100-day” action plan was enacted in response to these tragic events and outrage, in which Giulietti stated, “Safety must come first at Metro-North.” Safety was not the top priority. It must be and it will be.”

Twin Towers BASE jumpers cause jitters in New York By Amanda Hickey Many partook in the fun dance moves that went along with the iconic 90s pop song, “Criss Kross Will Make Ya Jump, Jump.” However, jumping got James Brady, Kyle Hartwell, Marko Markovich and Andrew Rossig into a great deal of legal trouble. The four New York men were arrested Monday after their BASE (building, antenna, span and Earth) exploit from the top of One World Trade Center on September 30. According to CNN, NYPD released a statement that included charges of burglary, reckless endangerment and jumping from a structure. According to Timothy Parlatore, Rossing‟s attorney, video footage recovered from the men‟s homes show them deploying their parachutes and landing in a secluded spot on a highway nearby. Parlatore viewed the footage and said the men were “very professional, very controlled. There was nothing haphazard about it.” CNN reports that Port Authority Chief Security Officer Joseph Dunne, however, isn‟t pleased. “The Port Authority joins the NYPD in condemning this lawless and selfish act that clearly endangered the public. It should be clear that the PAPD and NYPD will go to any length to bring those who defile the WTC site to justice.” Source:, user hom26

NY1 reports that when asked how the men entered the building, Rossing replied, “We just kind of walked in.” Still, regardless of your stance on the stunt, it is pretty breathtaking to watch.




Nick Cannon creates Connor for his cover

Killings at Copenhagen Zoo leave petitioners outraged By Julianna Sheridan

By Jessica SchianodiCola A couple of weeks ago, Nick Cannon took to Instagram in hopes of promoting his upcoming album, “White People Party Music.” The title had already sparked controversy but the African-American TV host thought it would be clever to undergo an ethnic makeover. Cannon donned white face makeup, a strawberry-blonde wig and a beanie hat to create his new identity, which he gave the name “Connor Smallnut.” He posted pictures and videos on his Instagram page to introduce the character and although some users found the transformation to be entertaining and lighthearted, others were not amused. Users commented directly on Cannon‟s posts, writing how his stunt was “racist,” “offensive” and “a double standard.” Cannon defended himself on Good Morning America, stating, “The mission was to have fun, and yes, put it out there that we have issues with race in this country and in this world, but it doesn't have to be with hatred.” Smallnut continues to make appearances on Cannon‟s Instagram page despite some of the Source: Nick Stepowyj negative responses. However, even though Cannon is handling all of this heat calmly, will the controversy help or hurt the release of his new album?

In February, Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark was met with outrage after shooting a giraffe, having a public autopsy and finally feeding his body to lions. Now, after slaughtering four lions to make room for a new male and ward against inbreeding, the zoo has been flooded with angry comments and taken heat from animal activists. The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria said in a statement, “[The Zoo] has been consistent in its approach to animal population management and high standards of animal welfare."

Source: Anthony Gavin

However, many are confused as to why healthy animals are being euthanized. The Copenhagen Zoo has taken a methodical approach to its comments with its Scientific Director Bengt Holst saying, “When breeding success increases it is sometimes necessary to euthanize,” according to National Geographic. Essentially, the zoo does not want inbreeding or other genetic problems to arise by having too many animals from the same family. According to TIME, “More than 87,000 people have signed a petition to tell the zoo to stop killing healthy animals and close to 36,000 have liked a Facebook page demanding that the zoo be shut down.” It is clear that people are not happy with how the zoo is handling its culling process. In both cases, the zoo did try to reach out to other zoos, but none were willing to take the animals. The zoo is hopeful that by bringing in the new male lion it can create a new nucleus for a pride. As a whole, the zoo has responded respectfully, but it is necessary that they respond to the criticism in a timely manner before it harms its business and reputation, especially now that it is under public scrutiny.

Canadian radio station burns $5,000 in publicity stunt By Jennifer StJeanos A Calgary radio station is facing some hostile reactions from the public after burning $5,000 during a publicity stunt a few weeks ago. In its „Bank It or Burn It‟ campaign, AMP radio let listeners decide whether it should destroy the money or give it to one lucky fan.

Source:, user ForwardSTL

Listeners voted for either “bank” or “burn” by text, as well as through Facebook, Twitter and the station‟s mobile application. The individuals who voted “bank” were required to write his or her future plans for the cash prize. If the “bank” votes outnumbered the “burn” votes, one voter would have been selected to receive the cash based on his or her proposed plan. “Burn” made up 54 percent of the nearly 100,000 votes, so the cash was sent off to the Pet Haven Crematorium. AMP radio then posted a video online of this large chunk of change being burned to ashes.

This marketing scheme ended up backfiring on the popular Canadian radio station. Many people have already vowed to stop listening to the station all together. On its Facebook page and Twitter account, AMP is receiving extremely negative feedback. Betty Carter wrote: "Really? With all the poverty in the world, this is what you choose to do with $5000 - for your entertainment? I am now un-liking your FB page and unprogramming your station from all of my radios. I will not promote a station like you." Radio host Ryan Lindsey is doing his best to defend the campaign and radio station, saying that the decision was solely based on the listeners‟ votes. He also added how other companies spend enormous amounts of money on marketing campaigns, just as AMP had. This contest is still ongoing, with $10,000 on the line this time. However, the decision of the audience might be different than last time with double the amount of cash on the line.


President Obama takes an unconventional media tour By Caroline Ferrari

Source: Best Movies Ever Net

As the March 31 deadline for Americans to sign up for the Affordable Care Act quickly approached, President Obama hit the road to promote the service for 18-34 year olds.

Once again, the president proved his ability to speak to a modern society by revamping his election Internet strategy and targeting young adults through some of their favorite outlets. One of President Obama‟s most talked-about stops along his media tour included appearing on “Between Two Ferns,” a talk show hosted by The Hangover star, Zach Galifianakis, on While there to promote the Affordable Care Act, he graciously took burns from Galifianakis and even delivered some zingers of his own, firing lines like "If I ran a third

time, it‟d be sort of like doing a third Hangover movie. Didn‟t really work out very well, did it?" The video saw an incredible response –11 million views, and a 40 percent spike in traffic from the day before on But this was not the only way the president reached out to millennials. President Obama appeared on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and released a halfhour interview on WebMD answering questions submitted by the site‟s viewers. First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and on advertisements

with the moms of celebrities like Jonah Hill, Adam Levine and Jennifer Lopez. Also, celebrities like LeBron James showed their support by either appearing in ads or promoting the Affordable Care Act through social media. After the original launch of suffered and gave the impression that the effort would be a disaster, the Obama Administration reached its enrollment goal of 7.1 million sign-ups. The president not only recovered from the original crisis revolving around the Affordable Care Act, but his unconventional media tour was a creative incredible success.

Jimmy Fallon shines on Tonight Show By Jacquelyn Desjardins

Throughout the years, the iconic Tonight Show has been hosted by many comedy heavyweights from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno. Recently, the torch was passed to a current favorite of many, Jimmy Fallon. Many nerves and doubts swirled around as this announcement was made, but many fans supported this important decision. Since Fallon‟s premiere as the host on Feb.

17, ratings have been consistent and promising. According to Verne Gay of The Seattle Times, “‟Tonight‟ was seen by an average 4.5 million viewers the week of March 10 at the regular 11:35 p.m. ET time, compared with 4.9 million for Jay Leno‟s last full week on the air.” Evidently, Fallon‟s success was unprecedented. Nearly every morning after a new episode, clips on YouTube of previ-

ous sketches go viral. Most recently, Kevin Bacon celebrated the anniversary of Footloose with a dance entrance into the show, sparking interest from both viewers and non-viewers.

Show will continue to live on with great success.

Fallon‟s sense of humor and ability to truly let his guests shine is a true strength that makes the show even better for viewers who are less interested in him. Unmistakably, Fallon is a draw for many, and it is without a doubt that the Tonight Source: Bohuslav Jonathan Toth

March madness takes on a promotional spin By Mary Kate Heaten For dedicated basketball fans and people that simply enjoy the game, March entails strategic bracket-making, plenty of upsets and 68 college teams vying for the NCAA Championship title. This is what helped earn it the name, March Madness. With such a huge televised event catering to a such a wide audience, March Madness coverage offers companies opportunities to promote its products and services. For instance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which is an official sponsor of the NCAA tournament, has partnered with Turner Sports basketball analyst Kenny Smith to launch an interactive bracket on Facebook called the Ultimate Pick Up Moment. Fans will be able to make a bracket and vote for their favorite game-changing moments from the tournament with one chosen as the winner. Participants also have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win various prizes and even tickets to the 2015 NCAA Men‟s Final Four. Enterprise is using a variety of methods to promote its campaign. Greg Phillips, the brand‟s publicity manager, explained that, "the beauty of March Madness is that it is followed by a wide audience, which consists of both spirited and more casual sports fans, because the tournament generates such strong interest each year, we believe it is an ideal event to activate a consumer marketing program around." Another company that is using March Madness as a format for its campaign is Burger King. The fast food chain has sponsored 13 athletes that are part of the company‟s network for a Twitter promotion using the hashtag #WatchLikeAKing during games. Other companies that are using the tournament to their advantage are men‟s clothing retailer Bonobos, Dove Men+Care, Buffalo Wild Wings and Bud Light. March Madness is not only a time for viewing great basketball but it is also becoming a great promotional platform as well. See if you notice any other companies taking advantage of the televised tournament to launch new campaigns next year.




New York bill uses bag to go green By Allie Zoll According to ABC News, the New York City Council introduced a new bill on March 26 to reduce the city's landfill costs. The bill would enforce a 10-cent fee on all disposable plastic and paper bags when people shop at both large and small businesses. The City Council made it clear that the 10-cent fee would not be a tax. Instead, the extra money would be used to help storeowners who supplied the bags. This fee would not, however, apply to restaurant deliveries, the majority of street food carts or to those relying on public assistance programs. Environmentalists have commented that this could be the perfect solution because 5.2 billion disposable bags currently cost the city $10 million annually, and this is just to ship them to a landfill. If this new program is initiated, environmentalists say

that it could potentially save tax dollars, which could be used toward something else such as education. According to ABC news, Councilman Brad Lander said, “The fee also applied to paper bags not because the bill was intended as a method of raising revenue but as an incentive for customers to opt for reusable bags.” He added, “plastic is worse than paper, but it‟s best if people bring their own bags.” Although this bill will benefit the environment, it will be more costly for shoppers and may even hurt small businesses due to the charges their shoppers will have to pay. There is potential that it could aggravate consumers‟ shopping budgets and could actually force small businesses to shut down. Residents have expressed one concern: forgetting to bring in their reusable bags would

force them to either buy new reusable bags that cost approximately $1 to $1.50 per bag or pay the 10-cent fee on the stores‟ bags. According to ABC News, Lilly Belanger of the environmental advocacy group No Impact Project says, “Plastic bags are not central to our life happiness or health but make an enormous impact on our world…with this simple step, we can be a model for the rest of the country.” This bill will be voted on within the next few weeks. If the bill is passed, New York will collaborate with other large cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle to try and make people think twice about using plastic or paper bags in an effort to save the environment and prevent further destruction.

Chanel fashion meets the produce aisle By Edith Morris Karl Lagerfeld presented Chanel‟s Fall 2014 RTW collection via a makeshift outdoor supermarket: Chanel Shopping Center. WWD reported that guests arrived at the Grand Palais in Paris and were awed with the unique and innovative venue choice. Models graced the aisles in looks that embodied traditional Chanel characteristics but with modern touches, which reflects Karl Lagerfeld‟s aesthetic. The collection had a wide range of looks that included active wear, structured feminine dresses and bold outerwear. WWD, Vogue, The New York Times, Daily News and several other publications covered the show. In addition, YouTube was flooded with footage of the show and blogs highlighted Chanel in their Paris Fashion Week posts. Chanel differentiated itself this fall and will have impressive shoes to fill in the upcoming season.

Northwestern athlete union sets precedent By Katherine Burek College sports is facing a pivotal moment in history as Northwestern football team‟s bid to unionize was approved by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The debate centers around whether or not college athletes should be classified as student-athletes or employees deserving compensation. National Public Radio reports that Northwestern has taken in $235 million in revenue since the 2003 season. While some contend that athletes are compensated in scholarships, the Northwestern players claim that the majority of their time and responsibilities include up to 50 hours a week on the field rather than in the classroom, leading the players to appeal to the NLRB. Kain Colter, Northwestern‟s quarterback, is at the helm of the fight, speaking out on behalf of the team. Currently this ruling only impacts Northwestern University but could build in momentum to threaten the NCAA and create a precedent that opens the gate for other college athletes to petition and unionize.

Malaysian plane leaves the world with questions By Sarah Gelbard

On March 8 at 12:41 a.m., 239 people boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. These passengers ended up having to face a situation they never expected to encounter when the flight never made it to its destination in Beijing. At this point there is no de-

finitive answer as to why this happened. Families do not want to give up hope and continue to encourage the search for their family members. There have been many suggestions as to what could have happened. Some possibilities suggest either a hijacking or plane failure. There also has been misleading social media content

regarding this incident. For instance, on Facebook there was a photo showing that the plane had been found, but this was just a photoshopped photo. As of now, the world is praying for the families and hoping evidence will provide answers soon to the many questions.

Source: Vishakha Bajaj



2014-2015 McKensie Saldo Chapter President Class Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Pittsfield, MA Leadership Experience: Director of PR for Marist Student Life Association (2012-2013) & VP of PRSSA (2013-2014) Favorite Book: Ecotopia Favorite Movie: Elf Follow McKensie: @McKensZs Amanda Orzo, Vice President Class Year: Class of 2016 Hometown: Deer Park, NY Favorite Thing About Marist: The people! The friendly community at Marist is amazing. Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad Favorite Movie: Weâ€&#x;re The Millers Follow Amanda: @Orzopastaaa

Julianna Sheridan, Director of Public Relations Class Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Worcester, MA Leadership Experience: Senior Phonathon Associate at the Annual Fund Calling Center & Copy Chief for the Circle Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine Favorite TV Show: Scandal Follow Julianna: @Jesher3 Melissa Saxe, Director of Member Services Class Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Delmar, NY Favorite Thing About Marist: Its location! Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers Favorite Book: Half the Sky Follow Melissa: @Melissa_Saxe






Maria Gironas, Firm Director Class Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Corona, CA Leadership Experience: Firm Director (2013-2014), Resident Senator SGA, the Circle Arts & Entertainment Editor, VP of Organization of Kappa Kappa Gamma Favorite Movie: Never Been Kissed Favorite Food: Bacon Pizza Follow Maria: @MariaGironas

Ashley Hellberg, Director of Chapter Programming Class Year: Class of 2016 Hometown: Wantagh, NY Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye Favorite TV Show: Grey‟s Anatomy Favorite Food: Pickles

Taylor Gripp, Director of Chapter Advancement Class Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Bow, NH Favorite Thing About Marist: The River! Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting Favorite TV Show: Scandal

Shane O‟Brien, Director of Finance Class Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Pittsfield, MA Internship Experience: Blue Wolf Communications Favorite TV Show: Entourage Favorite Food: Pleasant Ridge Favorite Movie: The Departed



The sudden popularity of Buzzfeed By Monica Couvillion If your time browsing the Internet has recently been filled with more and more articles like “43 Cat GIFs to Make Your Day” or “86 Things that Happen On Every Season of the Amazing Race,” you are not alone. The rapid success of popular website Buzzfeed has taken over timelines, feeds and online dashboards over the last few months.

timeline at any given hour, someone is sharing a quiz result. “Which Superhero Are You?” and “Who Would Play You in a Movie About Your Life?” aren‟t necessarily burning questions, but Buzzfeed makes you feel like they are.

Whether you‟re at work, school, trying to do homework or just surfing the web, it‟s almost impossible to not come across a witty Buzzfeed list, quiz or article. It doesn‟t matter that you‟ve never watched Star Trek, you just have to know your personalized answer to the “Which Star Trek Captain Are You?” quiz. The creative titles, smart descriptions and genuinely funny questions have made Buzzfeed quizzes a huge hit. If you scroll through your Facebook

It‟s the wit in these buzzworthy articles that keep readers coming to the site day after day. But while Buzzfeed is entertainment-oriented, staff writers also showcase news stories regarding current events written by serious journalists. On the Buzzfeed homepage there is a prominent article about the recent Fort Hood shooting, a feature titled “The 21 Struggles of a Student Newspaper Editor,” and a “How Obsessed With Disney Are You?” quiz. There are informational articles about “16 Things You Didn‟t

Source: Buzzfeed

Know Your Android Could Do” and “26 Words That Have a Totally Different Meaning in Taiwan.” One of the common denominators of these widely different articles is their list format. While you may not think that you have the time to read 26 different things about a subject that isn‟t entirely interesting to you, Buzzfeed makes the points short, sweet and sometimes rather sassy. They may be accompanied by appropriate GIFs for a more interactive read or written with a more casual voice than anything you would find on the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal‟s website. It‟s no surprise that this format draws in a specific

type of reader. Buzzfeed‟s site statistics, according to, show that compared to the average website, there are more readers who have completed some or all of a four-year college plan than those who have not. The tone and entertainment value of the site is focused on younger and trendier readers, especially by making the articles shorter for younger attention spans. According to this same report, Buzzfeed is most accessed while the readers are in a school or work setting, showing its popularity among a busier crowd. It‟s clear that Buzzfeed‟s rapid growth has become less of a surprise and more of an inevitability, especially for college-level students. Public relations professionals should view Buzzfeed as a legitimate media outlet because of its influence on a specific demographic and an overall positive, entertaining tone. If its steady popularity remains, it‟s possible that its trendy list format may be the news template for the future.

H I J A C K I N G H A S H TA G S By Ashly Kim

The Olympics was one of the biggest events of the year. Companies used the Sochi Games as an opportunity to advertise and seize positive attention. However, there are times when an attempt to gain support results in backlash. According to The New York Times, McDonald's experienced a promotion gone wrong when its Twitter hashtag #CheersToSochi was hijacked by activists. McDonald's became a target when the company tweeted, "We're kicking off a way to send your well wishes to any Olympic today, are you ready to send your #CheersToSochi?" Activists responded by using #CheersToSochi to express criticism. Dan Savage wrote, "Hey, @McDonalds: You‟re sending #CheersToSochi while goons wearing Olympic uniforms assault LGBT people.” McDonald's addressed these tweets by stating that the company was "aware that some activists were targeting Olympic sponsors to voice their concerns," and it "supports human rights, the spirit of the Olympic Games and all the athletes who've worked so hard." This was not the first time McDonald's faced a hashtag hijacking. According to Forbes, the company's campaign #McDStories in 2012 was designed to spread positive stories about Happy Meals; however, it was used by customers to voice horrible experiences with the company's food. These incidences tell us that companies should beware of the hashtag hijacker. You never know when someone will strike! Publication compiled and published by Elizabeth Peper & Marguerite Pinheiro

esPResso Volume 5 Issue 4  

A healthy dose of PR insight brought to you by the Marist College PRSSA Chapter.

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