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Why I AM grateful for YOGA 14 years ago I started practicing yoga, on and off, occasionally leaving it for other activities, butalways to return later on. For the most part I loved it, although there were times where I’d lost my enthusiasm for it. Today, looking backwards, it is very easy for me to understand what huge impact yoga has made and continues to makeon my journey. Too see all the areas where I’m truly graceful for what yoga has brought into my life. I am grateful for the flexibility that yoga has given me. When I was 20, and only concerned with pumping iron, I couldn’t even reach my toes without bending my knees (and even then I struggled). Once I commenced with yoga practice, I concerned myself with how far I could stretch a muscle, even if I couldn’t breathe while doing it , as long as I stretched. I’m clearly not suggesting that is the right way to go about it, just that it was a step in the right direction. I am gratefulto yoga for helping me become more grounded – as a dreamer I was positive that it is enough just to dream, not realizing that someone must make the dream come true. Practicing all the standing asanas, gave me the strength to become more grounded. I am grateful for increasing my ability to focus – each time that I became the asana; trying to let my mind go, yet stay at the same place, while feeling every single part of my body.I have now learned the “trick” of focusing, learned how to be inthe moment, at every moment. I am grateful for learning how to, and when to breathe, but mostly, for learning to find the rhythm of the breath and connect. As an ex-smoker, I am especially grateful as yoga made it very easy to release the habit. I am grateful for helping me to love and accept my temporary “limitations”. When I began my yoga journey,it was all about the power of stretching, (even if I couldn’t breathe properly while doing the stretch). Now it is about uniting the practice, with love, patience and acceptance of what I CAN DO or be, in that practice. I am grateful for teaching me to let go – on each asana I have practiced, I have (re)learned that first you are in the asana, then you learn to let go on how the asana should look, and you become the asana. I am grateful for teaching myself that there is no goal in the practice; there is merely a practice to improve the quality of the journey. I am grateful for understanding, that if I am the asana in the practice, then also:

I am the dream, I am the wish, I am the thought, I am the action, I am‌

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