HRBT Expansion DBE/SWaM Success Stories - Issue I

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A Special Message from Project Leadership

Norfolk’s Catering Queen Remodeling for the Future Painting a 3D Public Picture A Safety-Built Family Business Local Printing Power Supplying Hampton’s Offices Since 1932

Businesses that Help Build the HRBT Expansion Project


James S. Utterback

Queen T. Crittendon

Jose Ignacio Martin Alos

Director, HRBT Expansion Project Virginia Department of Transportation

Hampton Roads District Civil Rights Manager Virginia Department of Transportation

Project Executive Hampton Roads Connector Partners

The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion Project offers excellent opportunities for the Commonwealth’s small, minority and women (SWaM) and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) to thrive in today’s construction industry, bringing economic vitality and opportunity to this important area of the state. On September 11, 2020, VDOT issued the HRBT Expansion Project’s Notice to Proceed (NTP) for construction to the project’s prime contractor, which will offer new opportunities for DBE and SWaM firms to be involved. We hope you enjoy the stories of some of the great small businesses already succeeding on the HRBT Expansion Project, and look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has created a new model for small business inclusion on large-scale construction projects such as the HRBT Expansion Project. By working collaboratively with our private sector partners, everyone wins and Civil Rights becomes an integral part of a project’s culture. This is exactly the case with the HRBT Expansion Project. From local, minority catering businesses to commercial printing companies and construction firms, the HRBT Expansion Project brings opportunities to a wide range of Virginia’s DBE and SWaM businesses. These are some of their stories. As always, we welcome your feedback and thank you for your continued support of our important work.

Hampton Roads Connector Partners is honored to lead the design and construction of the HRBT Expansion Project and include Virginia’s DBE and SWaM businesses every step of the way. A project of this magnitude takes an entire region to build it, and we are thrilled to have the support of VDOT Civil Rights as our partner and collaborator. With over $60 million awarded to DBE and SWaM businesses in just the design phase of the project, we have a long way to go to meet and exceed our DBE and SWaM goals. We also value the contributions of the small businesses that have already successfully completed work on the project, some of whom we will share with you today.

Measuring Success Malcolm Kates Compliance Manager Hampton Roads Connector Partners Since day one, HRCP has considered every opportunity on the project a potential DBE and SWaM opportunity, and we will continue to do so as we move into this exciting new construction phase of the project’s lifecycle. Our entire project team understands the importance and value of civil rights success on the HRBT Expansion Project. In this reoccurring publication, we will bring you the stories of the DBE and SWaM firms that have contributed to our ongoing progress, and we welcome you to stay engaged with us as we move forward.


150 100 50 Subcontracts, subconsultant agreements and purchase orders (April 2019 – October 2020)

Commitment to DBE/SWaM Firms In the design phase alone, the HRBT ExpansionProjecthasalreadyawarded over $60 million in contracts to Virginia certified DBE and SWaM firms, setting an excellent standard and building momentum for the long-term construction period to come.

Over 150 Agreements Awarded The HRBT Expansion Project has executed over 150 subcontracts, subconsultant agreements and purchase orders with Virginia certified DBE and SWaM firms in a wide range of supplies and services–everything from sandwiches to 3D videos!

Game-Changing Supportive Services With excellent supportive services from VDOT’s Business Opportunity and Workforce Development (BOWD) Center and Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD), Virginia’s small businesses have valuable resources to learn, earn and grow in the Commonwealth’s lucrative transportation market. 3

Success Catering By Shelia

(SWaM) Catering Services $1,000.00 Contract

Shelia Gilliam (left) Owner

Success Catering By Shelia is a newly certified SWaM catering company owned by Ms. Shelia Gilliam. Success Catering By Shelia was awarded their first-ever catering contract for a government event when HRCP subcontracted the firm to cater the US DOT Bonding Education Program (BEP) Event Series from February 4th through the 13th. Ms. Gilliam’s professionalism and delicious meals were highly appreciated

Phone: (757) 228-2622

by all BEP small business owners and

coordinating staff in attendance at the event. HRCP looks forward to partnering with Ms. Gilliam and Success Catering by Shelia as well as other DBE and SWaM catering companies throughout the lifetime of the project.


Oak Grove Remodeling and Repair, Inc. Oak Grove Remodeling and Repair, Inc. (Oak Grove) is a SWaM certified Commercial Remodeling firm. Oak Grove and its Principal, Earl Johnson, III, did an excellent job with the HRBT Expansion Project’s main building renovations; including new doorways, wall removals and other remodeling work that helped open office corridors. Now, Project team members have easier access to various departments, ultimately increasing work efficiency and production. Phone: (757) 414-7169

Earl Johnson, III Principal

(SWaM) Office Remodeling $31,690.00 Contract


CAD Concepts, Inc. (CCI)

In 1984, Joyce Johnson established CAD Concepts, Inc. (CCI) as a consulting enterprise. Today CCI continues to provide a wide range of essential

(SWaM) Consulting $32,440.00 Contract

services to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of client projects in both the private and public sectors. Joyce Johnson President

CCI serves multiple industries including facilities, utilities, aviation, and transportation, while providing core services such as: CADD, GIS, BIM, Civil Engineering, Reality Capture, CACI, Planning and Management and Best Practices studies. CCI provides an exemplary level of service to each client. CCI also holds certifications as a DBE, WBE/FBE and SBE with 41 certifying agencies nationwide, and they are an approved supplier for the GSA. CCI’s philosophy begins with providing unmatched client service and extends to meeting all budget and schedule objectives. CCI has established a reputation for easy collaboration and building lasting relationships across a variety of different industries. For the HRBT Expansion Project, CCI provides 3D Video Services. Phone: (614) 485-0670


(DBE) Safety Supplies $26,158.58 Contract

Wendt Productions, Inc.

Susan Wendt Owner

Wendt Productions, Inc. (Wendt Pro) is a recognized distributor of Personal Protective Safety Equipment (PPE) and Creative Promotional Products. Wendt Pro started in 1986 as a Video Production Company just as portable VHS/Monitors began popping up at trade shows and in company board rooms. Founding partners Susan and Alan Wendt, combined their professional backgrounds and expanded services to include Public Relations and Marketing. As a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Wendt Pro has evolved over the decades and added another team of professionals in the area of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) catering to major Civil road and bridge projects working directly with prime contracting Public Private Partnerships (P3s) and Joint Ventures (JVs). A closely-held family business, Wendt Pro offers dedicated hands-on account management to assure careful attention to quality, while providing value-added services at competitive pricing. For the HRBT Expansion Project, Wendt Pro provides a range of safety supplies and materials. Phone: (813) 920-5000 7

10 10 LLC (Minuteman Press)

(DBE) Commercial Printing $14,132.58 Contract

Jeffrey Patrick (at left) Owner

Since April 2019, 10 10 LLC DBA Minuteman Press (Minuteman) has been a fast, friendly, reliable printing company for the HRBT Expansion Project. From printed copies of the Comprehensive Agreement to posters for the annual DBE/SWaM Opportunity Event, Minuteman continues to be a valued partner to HRCP and the Project. HRCP looks forward to communicating other commercial printing opportunities to Minuteman and other DBE/SWaM certified firms for the duration of the Project. Phone: (757) 627-4311


(SWaM) Office Supplies $10,765.00 Contract Hampton Stationery Furniture & Office Supply (Hampton Stationery) is an office furniture design, office supply, and consumer specialty business located in Historic Downtown Hampton, Virginia. Hampton Stationery was established in 1932 and has been a family owned and operated business focused on superior customer service for the past 87 years. In 1957 Jayne and John Garnet Ishon became the owners of Hampton Stationery.

Hampton Stationery

Jayne and John Garnet were beloved members of the Hampton community and always took pride in the relationships they built with their many customers. In 1986 their only son, John Cabot Ishon, took over as owner of Hampton Stationery. Like his parents, John Cabot has made Hampton Stationery’s core mission one based on unparalleled customer service and personal relationships. Hampton Stationery has succeeded because of its devoted customers and an unwavering focus on customer service. For the HRBT Expansion Project, Hampton Stationery provides a variety of office supplies. Phone: (757) 722-7712

John Cabot Ishon President


(DBE/SWaM) Staffing Services $120,700.00 Contract Established in 1992, BEST Employment SoluTions provides services as a professional employer organization (PEO), administrative services

BEST Employment SoluTions

organization (ASO) and Human Resources outsourcing organization (HRO). BEST offers full HR Administration, which includes (and is not limited to) staffing services, payroll services, performance solutions, project management, time and attendance services. BEST exists to solve employment challenges by creating a customized solution for an individual or company’s specific human capital, staffing and software needs. BEST Employment SoluTions has supplied administrative support personnel to Mott McDonald (DJV) since August 2019 and is contracted to stay on for the life of the project. BEST Employment SoluTions is also an A+ rated Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau since 1992. Phone: (757) 589-2675

Kipland Albright Owner


Pinnacle Group Engineering, Inc.

(DBE/SWaM) Engineering Services $144,100.00 Contract Pinnacle Group Engineering, Inc. (PGE) has been providing civil engineering

Phone: (757) 424-7724 E. Rodney Flores, P.E. Owner

services since 2002 and is headed by Mr. E. Rodney Flores, P.E. PGE has had much success for the last 18 years working for many regional developers, municipal and state agencies. PGE’s engineers have over three decades of local Hampton Roads engineering experience working on roadways, utility projects, pumping station design, drainage improvement projects, and housing rehabilitation projects. On the HRBT Project, PGE is working on the island site plans with Mott McDonald for the septic systems, which include sanitary pumping stations, sanitary force mains, septic treatment units, septic tanks and septic drainage field designs. The company’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality service and engineering solutions for its clients’ projects.


HRBT Expansion Project 240 Corporate Blvd. Norfolk, VA 23502 (757) 578-9284

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