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Mr Lockwood had arrived at Wuthering Heights as a new tenant and his landlord was unfriendly. They were eating and talking. Mr Lockwood decided to go again some weeks later. This time when they were eating Mr Lockwood told Heathcliff that his wife had prepared a tasty dinner. Heathcliff laughed and told him that his wife was a ghost.

Mr Lockwood had to sleep over there and a servant took him to a room. She told him many strange things that had happened in the house. He could not sleep and suddenly he heard a strange noise, he looked out of the window and he opened it, then a hand caught him, a woman called Catherine cried, she said “let me in”, she was a ghost and Lockwood tricked her and shut the window. Heathcliff had heard all and he went fast to the room and he called her but she didn’t return.

Mr Heathcliff had been adopted by Mr Earnshaw when he was in Liverpool. Heathcliff was a small dirty gypsy. When he arrived at his new home he was not accepted by the family but Mr Earnshaw defended him. He had two children, a son called Hindley and a daughter called Cathy. He used to give them presents when he came back from his trips but this time he arrived with a child and the presents had got broken on the way.

Mr Earnshaw died and during the funeral Hindley went with Francess. She was his wife. He had become in the lord of Wuthering Heights and he told Heathcliff to go away. When he returned, he had become in a gentleman. He married Isabella but they weren’t happy.

Later on, Cathy died after having a baby. Heathcliff had a son and he obliged Isabella to married him, but he died because he was very ill. In the end, Heathcliff died after seeing the ghost of Catherine.

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Wuthering Heights in five pictures  

Telling the story in five pictures

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