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JANE EYRE Jane Eyreis a novel byenglishwriter Charlotte Brönte.Itwaspublishedon 16 October 1847, bySmith, Elder & Co. of London, England, underthe pen name "Currer Bell." Thefirst American editionwaspublishedthefollowingyearbyHarper&Brothersof New York.

PLOT: Jane Eyre, anorphan, liveswithherabusiveaunt, Sarah Reed, and her mean-spiritedcousins, John, Eliza, and Georgiana, at Gateshead Hall. SheissentawaytotheLowoodSchoolwheretheconditions are veryharsh. Jane befriends a fellowstudent, Helen Burns, and Miss Temple, ateacher. When Helen Burns dies, and Miss Temple marries, Jane decides toleaveLowood, and secures a job as a governess at Thornfield. At Thornfield, Jane’sduties are toteachthemaster’sfosterchildAdeleVarens. Although he has a brusquemanner, Janefindsthe master, Edward Fairfax Rochester, attractive and fascinating. Onenight Jane isawakenedbystrangenoises. Seeingsmokecomingfrom Mr. Rochester’sroom, sheruns in and throwswateronthefire, awakeninghim. He leads Jane tobelievethatitis Grace Poole, a servant, whocausedthedamage. Meanwhile, Mr. Rochester apparentlypursuesBlancheIngram, a local beauty, whileJane’sloveforhimcontinuestogrow. Jane leavesThornfieldtovisitthedying Mrs. Reed, whotellsherthat John Eyre, herfather’sbrother, istryingtocontacther. When Jane returnstoThornfield, Mr. Rochester switcheshisaffectionsfromBlancheto Jane, and proposesmarriage. Theweddingceremonyisinterruptedby Mr. Briggs, who claimsthat Mr. Rochester isalreadymarried. Themad Bertha Rochester, whoislockedawayonthethirdfloor of Thornfield, isexposedto Jane. Jane flees, and arrives at

Jane Eyre