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Youth With A Mission

JULY 2011


Bocachica/Cartagena, Colombia


JORGE & KAREN SILVA México and  U.S.A.





The Silva’s founded Proyecto

Erika has been with

Alexandra has served

Marley has been with

Samy became an

Libertad in February 1997.

the ministry since

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official member of

Jorge continues to serve as the

January 2003 and

June 2010 and works

August 2003 and is

the staff in June 2007

director of the ministry and

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studying accounting at

and works in

Karen supervises the

operations director of

sponsorship program

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administrative area.

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Cartagena and works

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supervises the day to

children’s feeding

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day activities.



hopes to study music

SHORT TERM Since January, we have had the opportunity to host

next year.

WELTWÄRTS In 2009, we

several short term missionaries who have committed

partnered with

to serving anywhere from one month to one year. They

Weltwarts, a pro-

have helped in various areas from health care, to hos-

gram subsidized

pitality, communications and children’s ministry.

by the German government that sends young people between 18 to 28 to serve six months to one KATRIN PRENGEL




a year in developing countries. In


Sept. 2010, we welcomed Christian, Katrin, Anita and Leni. The four serve in finances and bookkeeping, hospitality, children’s ministries






and nursing. PAGE 1 \\ JULY 2011



t’s been 10 years since the Lord gave me the vision to build a clinic in the community of Bocachica. This time has been an important chapter of my life where I’ve been encouraged, discouraged and

challenged. I’ve lacked faith, encountered highs and lows and questioned God. There were days when I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. Nevertheless, even in the more difficult times of my life it is amazing to see God’s faithfulness. First Corinthians 10:13 says God never gives impossible challenges and always makes a way for us to bear what we are given. I am learning the importance of both faith and trust in my own walk with the Lord. Recently I was talking to my wife, Karen. It was one of those times when I was feeling discouraged about the clinic and the Lord used her to bless me. She said most people would have given up by now but I continue to persevere. Now the clinic is almost 90 percent completed. Karen reminded me that I continue to hang on even though we’ve encountered many struggles. I learned from a pastor in North Carolina to hurry up and do the Lord’s will before the Enemy shows up and tells you not to. I want to be sure to obey God though it may take a long time. It’s all about trust in the one who is calling you to do his will.


In 2009, Proyecto Libertad received a diesel motor and a generator donated from the MTU Company in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Unfortunately, a few obstacles were encountered during the importation process due to the lack of certain documents required by the Colombian government for import. We are continuing to work on a solution and ask for your prayers that we will soon be able to receive the shipment and install the motor.

CELL GROUP Proyecto Libertad continues to hold cell group every Thursday night for the community. With the arrival of Blanca Rosa, we are establishing study groups for those who want to go deeper. Blanca Rosa has begun meeting with different individuals in the community for discipleship and training in how to further their relationships with God and dig deeper into His word. She is excited about the opportunity to continue investing in these relationships and helping people hungry for God. PAGE 2 \\ JULY 2011



ver the last year Jorge has been meeting with inspectors from the health department and made several internal renovations to meet government codes. On July 21, a team of six construction workers from North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Minn., will arrive in Bocachica to sheetrock and stucco the walls and ceiling and install doors. The team donated $2,500 for this project. Proyecto Libertad also received $4,600 from a German donor and used these funds for the electrical work, hiring the inspector and the completion of the new floor plans. By the end of July, Jorge hopes to have the majority of the clinic’s left wing finished. Jorge is working on raising the remaining $27,000 for the completion of the clinic.

YOUTH MINISTRY Proyecto Libertad continues to minister to the children and youth of Bocachica through our sponsorship program, library/ study center and feeding center. This year we have 58 students in the sponsorship program. Fourteen will graduate in December and two have received scholarships from sponsors. One student is studying to be a dental assistant and the other is studying to work in tourism administration. PAGE 3 \\ JULY 2011

TEAMS New Property Projects

New Property Cistern


very year, Proyecto Libertad is able to host many short term teams that serve in a variety of areas, from construction,

to children’s ministry, crafts with the elderly and youth, worship and even health care. The teams have become a part of our mission family. Since January, we’ve received teams from North CaroChildren’s Ministry

lina, Minnesota, Harvard University in Boston, Mass., and Bogotá, Colombia, as well as two YWAM DTS outreach teams from Norway and Costa Rica. The teams helped with the completion of a cistern for the new property, conducted medical brigades for the community, built la-

Painting the Mission

The Cistern

trines and worked on many projects in the mission and the new property.

Mission Projects

Putting the tops on the Latrine

Digging Latrines PAGE 4 \\ JULY 2011



n March, Proyecto Libertad hosted a medical team from North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Minn. The team consisted of doctors, nurses, a mid-

wife and support staff. Everyone worked in various locations from checking in patients to conducting small surgeries, monitoring pregnant women and teaching first aid and pregnancy courses.

PAGE 5 \\ JULY 2011



team of four from Boston, Mass., arrived in March to conduct a four-day dental brigade for the

community. The team consisted of individuals from Harvard University and included one dental professor, one dentist in residency, one fourth year student and one third year student. The team saw 122 patients and performed 95 extractions, 43 dental cleanings, 85 dental fillings, 96 sealants and 99 fluoride treatments.

PAGE 6 \\ JULY 2011

SENDING FINANCIAL SUPPORT Proyecto Libertad Juventud Con Una Misión A.A 7560 Cartagena, Colombia

NOTE: Five percent of ministry donations are tithed to our YWAM Colombia national office.

>>SENDING CHECKS (checks must be in US dollars or Euros ONLY) From Canada (with a tax receipt)

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YWAM Vancouver BC – Donor Services, P.O. Box 57100, 2480 East Hastings St.,


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In order to offer these services, the YWAM-Tyler,

From USA (with a tax receipt)

TX., office deducts the following processing fees

Make a check payable to “YOUTH WITH A MISSION.” Attach a separate note that says, “For Proyecto Libertad in Cartagena, Colombia.” A small processing fee is withheld.

per donation: Donations $30.00 or less: $1.50 Donations over $30.00: $5.00

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BANK TRANSFERS (for large donations) For ease of bank procedures and best exchange rates, a bank transfer is the best option for larger donations. A tax receipt is not possible. Our bank charges us $25.00 USD per transaction. Please be sure to e-mail us if you are sending a bank transfer so we know to expect it:

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From USA and CANADA: Make payable to “Juventud Con Una Misión,” Savings account #830-91612-8, Banco de Occidente. Citibank, New York, Swift Code #CITIUS33, ABA #021000089, 399 Park Ave, NY NY, 10043, USA. Banco de Occidente, Swift Code #OCCICOBC, account #10950229, in Cartagena, Colombia. From EUROPE: Mediating Bank:    Dresdner Bank Latenamerika, Hamburgo, Swift Code: DRESDEHL Paying  Bank:                Banco de Occidente, Swift Code: OCCICOBC Beneficiary:                    Confesión Juventud Con Una Misión, Savings Account #830-91612-8, Cl 23 #30-89, Turbaco, Bolivar, Tel: 5-663-7567, 5-673-4169, 317-442-4202 From GERMANY: Deposit to account: BFP-FCG Friedrichshafen; Sparkasse Bodensee; IBAN Nr: DE54690500010023453079 BIC: SOLADES1KNZ Please  include  a  note  explaining  who  the  donation  is  from  and  e-­ mail  us  (  to  inform  us  of  your  deposit.  

July Newsletter 2011  

The official monthly newsletter of Proyecto Libertad in Bocachica, Colombia.

July Newsletter 2011  

The official monthly newsletter of Proyecto Libertad in Bocachica, Colombia.