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Mathable The cross-number game that adds up to fun and learning for all! Mathable is a game of mathematical equations that combines logic, strategy and math skill. Mathable challenges players to use basic math equations to achieve the highest score and win. A great way to spend time with family and friends.

An instant classic


Other play patterns include: dominos, card game and game book

Mathable Jr.

Great way to introduce Mathable to a younger demographic 5+


Includes Mathable De Luxe, Quattro, Dominos, book and Mathable Junior


Mathable Ipad APP currently available on Itunes


Website includes tutorials and much more! Like us on Facebook!

2014 • • •

Continue to focus on Apps and social media Add one SKU to the line Mathable Chrono follows the Mathable logic where the math calculation process consists of finding logical combinations between series of numbers displayed Inspired by shaking dice concept, Mathable Chrono, pushes players to find the longest combinations with a time limit

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Wooky brand presentation mathable 2013  
Wooky brand presentation mathable 2013