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We take initiatives to remain CO2-neutral and to become more circular in terms of materials and energy. And from our suppliers, we demand the same commitment to sustainability.

Proud to be CO2 neutral Material Topic*:


Energy reduction, waste management, an ecological network, green mobility: at Proximus, we take our impact on the environment seriously and we have set up concrete measures to reduce that impact.

We are one of the few CO2-neutral telecom players in the world and we are proud to have a place in the CDP Supplier Engagement leader board. But that’s just the beginning: we’ll continuously push ahead by improving our own good practices and through digital innovation, to ensure Belgium remains a good place to live in, and to play our part in combatting climate change.

and we have set up concrete measures to reduce it


Result 2018

Result 2017





Carbon emissions scope 1+21 compared to previous year



Energy consumption compared to 2008



Electricity used which came from renewable energy sources Carbon neutrality level for own operations and business travel


The methodology and detailed figures can be found in the chapters “Transparency”, “Carbon emissions and energy: boundaries, scope and methodology” and “Environmental figures”.

*Materiality Matrix p. 27


Proximus Group Annual Report 2018


we take our impact on environment seriously

Governance and Compliance

At Proximus,

At Proximus, we think long-term and want to reduce our ecological impact. At our company, in our partnerships with suppliers, and in our innovations, we want to make a net positive contribution to our planet.


Respecting our planet

Profile for Proximus

Proximus Annual Report 2018  

Proximus Annual Report 2018