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We want to contribute to social initiatives in Belgium, and give back to the community we operate in. We also strongly invest in the Belgian media landscape and local culture.

Material Topic*:


We strongly believe that everyone should have access to the digital world, regardless of physical abilities, economic background, cultural origin, education or age. Proximus is committed to making digital technologies also accessible to KPI

people with disabilities, people who are less well-off and the elderly, wherever they live. And as a leading ICT employer in Belgium, we want to help new generations gain the technology skills and knowledge they need to flourish in the digital economy of the future.

Result 2018

Result 2017

Percentage of accessible tested devices (at least for 1 disability category)



Number of job seekers supported by our initiatives in Belgium



> 1,000

> 800

Number of sick children connected to their school by Bednet and Take Off *Materiality Matrix p. 27


Proximus Group Annual Report 2018

Governance and Compliance

We invest in education and want to help tackle the enormous reskilling challenge the Belgian workforce is facing in the years to come. Ensuring employability and filling the digital jobs of the future is a priority and will determine the success of our digital economy.

Digital for all


We help design the future of our country by facilitating its digital evolution. Together with many others, we are building a digital society not just for the happy few, but for all Belgians, no matter their level of digital understanding, physical ability, age or background.


Contributing to society

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Proximus Annual Report 2018  

Proximus Annual Report 2018