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Caring for safe use of our products and services means recognizing our responsibility regarding exposure to electromagnetic waves, a societal concern. We comply with the legislation in force, both for networks and for devices, monitor developments in scientific research and provide information. Proximus has also been displaying the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of each device in all sales channels since 2008, while this only became legally required in 2014.



We need the help and commitment of all employees to make the digital future happen. We offer them the chance to bring about positive change, to develop themselves, make a difference, contribute to our results and be our best ambassadors.

our workforce to reflect all the different communities in society. At Proximus, we do not tolerate discrimination. Our people enjoy equal opportunities, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, background and any other characteristics unrelated to their abilities.

Result 2018

Result 2017

Percentage of Proximus employees using Office365 OneDrive



Proportion of Proximus employees actively looking for knowledge or people by using our enterprise social network (#WAP)



Gender inclusion


Severity rate of occupation accidents3 1 2 3

Proximus strongly believes in the importance of diversity at all levels of the organization. 72.7%

Employee engagement1 Frequency rate of occupational accidents


As a truly Belgian company, we want

We subscribe a Charter on diversity and equal rights, which applies to all employees of the Proximus Group. (More in the Remuneration report)


Finally, on our website, we offer very useful information to our customers on how they can mitigate the potential risks of radiation such as in their own homes. For example, we offer b-box set-up which turns it off at night. We also give tips on reducing exposure from mobile phones on our website and in our shops.

We show our commitment to our people by making Proximus a great place to work: a safe, inspiring and inclusive workplace of the future with equal opportunities, offering continuous training to ensure a long and fulfilling career with us, and the opportunity for each individual to balance their personal and professional lives in the right way for them.






Average result of the employee engagement survey (SpeakUp), measuring the engagement, agility and strategic alignment of the Proximus employees Frequency rate (Fg) = # occupational accidents x 1000000/ total number of hours worked by company employees Severity rate (Eg) = # lost days due to occupational accidents x 1000/ total number of hours worked by company employees

*Materiality Matrix p. 27


Material Topics*:

As diverse as society around us

Governance and Compliance

Safety of our products & services

Caring for our employees

This is also reflected in the female representation at the different levels of our company:

• • • •

43% of the Board of Directors 25% of the Executive Committee 21% of the members of the Leadership Team 31% of entire employees’ population

Proximus Group Annual Report 2018


limit. And we inform them of the possibility to buy additional one-shot data bundles. For 2019, we will continue to proactively contact customers who have regular out-of- bundle usage to suggest more adapted offers and prevent bill shocks.

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Proximus Annual Report 2018  

Proximus Annual Report 2018