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Security specialists set out their vision

What will be the biggest challenge in 2018?

er the device is for professional use, private use or both. But also explain what security measures the employee should take, such as protecting their work email with a strong PIN code.” David adds to this that many misunderstandings still exist about how much of the employee’s data the company sees. “When we introduce mobile device management (MDM), employees are often afraid that we can see their private emails, photos and contacts with it. We cannot do that. And if we wipe the device in the event of theft, that happens only for the company data; we never touch their personal data.” Automation and outsourcing Does management of mobile devices generate a lot of work? According to Audrey Tyzo, Compensation & Benefits Specialist at Proximus, it need not. “We have automated and outsourced as many tasks as possible. If, for example, an employee orders a smartphone, it is not sent to the employee’s department, but to a UPS point. If we had had the departments or HR handle this, it would indeed have been a lot of extra work.”

Rollout of 4.5G network in parts of seven Belgian cities max. 450 Mbps


9 exabytes per month

2022 Average data traffic 71 exabytes per month


Systems Engineer at F5 Networks

The borderless network. Companies no longer know where the border of their network lies. In the past you had a firewall and everything within that firewall was known and trustworthy. With the possibilities available now, companies need to change the way they protect themselves and, above all, apply security to applications.


Security Engineer at Check Point

On the one hand, the biggest challenge that we see among customers today is visibility. Lots of information on malware and cyberthreats is great, but you have to be able to let it be seen, so that you can gather useful information. On the other hand, the GDPR processes are important.


Head of Security Solutions at Proximus

Companies are increasingly evolving from reactive to proactive security. On the basis of incidents elsewhere in the world, known weaknesses and the IT architecture that you work with, it is possible to predict how a hacker is likely to work. When you know that, you can improve IT security in those specific spots. The big challenge in IT security worldwide is finding just the right people.

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