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The Proximus Enabling Company (EnCo) The Proximus Enabling Company (EnCo) is a fine example of Proximus becoming a provider of digital services and encouraging software developers to create new solutions using Proximus assets. The EnCo platform gives developers and companies’ easy access to the technologies of Proximus and its partners in the fields of Telecommunications, IoT, Data, Cloud. It gives as well integration capabilities so they can create solutions and applications in a fully digital way. The Proximus EnCo platform was built over the past year in an agile and open manner, in constant interaction with developpers, customers and partners via hackathons,workshops and co-creation projects. The EnCo digital parketplace is visible on NxtPort, a digital data platform for the Antwerp Port Community In January 2017, the Antwerp Port Community launched its data utility platform NxtPort. This has ensured that the Port of Antwerp is ready for a world in which every object and every process can be made intelligent and in which data can be turned - in real time - into relevant insights for better decisions. Proximus was part of the team that won the bid, in partnership with Microsoft and Nallian, a Belgian data exchange expert with deep logistics expertise. Together with NxtPort we have delivered a state-of-the-art platform that enables data to be shared securely and new solutions to be built quickly.


The NxtPort platform makes it possible to integrate a vibrant ecosystem of companies, developers and IT players. Proximus has been able to offer digital assets including its IoT sensors, SMS services and mobility data and deliver new solutions. In this way Proximus is not only building a platform with its partners but also enabling other companies to enrich the Port’s digital transformation journey.

One of the first commercial API services on EnCo involves SMS. Senso2me, a company committed to provide safe and simple care technology solutions that support individual and assisted living, allows message alerts to be sent to care takers and family members in case of unusual situations. EnCo also makes it easier to combine SMS with other services like IoT and Data analytics.

Proximus Annual Report 2017  
Proximus Annual Report 2017