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Grow the core The seismic changes seen in the telecom market over the past few years make it more important than ever that we create value for customers by intelligently bundling our solutions and growing the proportion of multi-play customers, as well as building usage value through smart pricing.

Our integrated and targeted offers for residential customers End 2016, Proximus reinvented its commercial offer with the launch of its all-in offers Tuttimus and Bizz All-in. This offer allows everyone to tailor the services available according to their own needs and preferences. It is designed for the digital age where customers want an all-in pack-

age with an abundance of options, which they can easily personalize. Users can call, surf, watch television and work worry-free, at home and on the move. The success was immediate with already more than 360,000 customers on these new offers at the end of 2017. To respond to the customer’s expectations even better, we adjusted in July our offerings by increasing the included volume of mobile data for both new and existing customers. For customers with a Mobilus subscription, they receive up to 10 GB more, and for the self-employed and small businesses with a Bizz Mobile or Bizz all-in pack this translates into an increase up to 20GB. We’ve also seen that customers are looking for a quality experience with specific needs while also being price sensitive. This is why we launched Minimus. This subscription is exactly what customers need at home and on the go: it includes surfing both at home and mobile, Proximus TV with 80 channels, and unlimited calls or 120 minutes depending on the mobile formula chosen. Scarlet, our no-frills brand, attracted new customers in 2017 thanks to its new offers. Scarlet has launched the

The brand essence of Proximus -to bring you closer to those who matter to you- has been explicity articulated in our new communication campaign, “Always Close”


Proximus Annual Report 2017  
Proximus Annual Report 2017