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Roll-out of 4.5G

Improving current experience

Proximus has been the first to launch 4.5G mobile technology in Belgium. This technology, that offers 2 to 3 times faster download speeds, has already been rolled out in 7 cities. High business activity zones (e.g. large parts of the port of Antwerp and a number of industrial zones) and areas with a large student population have been designated as the first to receive this technology.

With more than 600,000 users already, Proximus was also the first operator in Belgium to launch VoLTE. This technology, first available on compatible Samsung devices, is now also available on iPhone. VoLTE ensures we continue to offer the “Best Mobile Experience� in the country by delivering a faster call set up time and significantly higher voice quality. It also gives users the possibility to surf at 4G speeds while making a call. With those innovations, Proximus is once again taking the lead to provide its customers with the best possible user experience. It’s technology at the service of the customer.

We were the first to roll out 4.5G in 7 cities in Belgium with 2 to 3X faster download speeds.

Proximus Group Annual report 2017


Proximus Annual Report 2017  
Proximus Annual Report 2017