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even the toughest of problems. Furthermore, we’ve got a “safety net” system in place so we are sure they receive the necessary follow-up information on any issues detected.

Always Close, by improving the readability of our invoices We are also further improving the readability of our invoices. Together with customers and internal stakeholders, we are co-creating a new invoice layout. The aim is to reduce the number of calls and complaints regarding our invoices and reduce costs in our operations. The layout of our new “Invitation to Pay” has been totally reviewed and some items have been renamed to offer greater clarity and better understanding.

Always Close, by bringing enjoyment speed to customers The next generation technologies on copper Proximus also continues to invest in new technologies on the copper network to bring high speeds to all of its customers. Thanks to this, Proximus now has the largest vectoring coverage worldwide. Over the last 3 years, we have set up no fewer than 26,500 ROP cabinets in the streets, offering VDSL coverage to 94% of the population. In fact, we’ve exceeded 2 million active VDSL2 users in October 2017.

We now have the widest vectoring coverage worldwide Proximus Group Annual report 2017


Proximus Annual Report 2017  
Proximus Annual Report 2017