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We’re seeing a shift from delivering connectivity to the doorstep to providing the best in-home Wi-Fi experience.

Our ultimate objective is to deliver a superior customer experience. This is crucial to meeting our brand promise “Always Close”. Proximus aims to bring customers close to who really matters to them. It’s why we continue to invest in our high-quality integrated network, easy-to-use and innovative solutions, best accessibility & local reach, and proactive servicing.

Always Close by means of the best in Home and in Office experience Every day, we go the extra mile to make sure our millions of customers are getting the best user experience. Our Happy House program continued throughout 2017, and as a result we’ve now visited more than 150,000 homes in the past 2 years and achieved a 93% satisfaction level. With our Happy House visits we ensure that customers have the best in-home experience possible: all Internet and Wi-Fi connections are checked and secured, and modems and decoders are replaced when necessary. We also proactively migrated customers from ADSL to VDSL which substantially improved the customer experience by means of a better TV experience with HD TV and increased Internet speed.

We launched a new Home Optimizer app which lets customers analyse Wi-Fi quality by taking measurements in their homes, after which they can configure the most optimal Wi-Fi channel on their modems with just the push of a button. The solution also gives information on Wi-Fi signal strength and if required, advises on the best position for Wi-Fi extenders. In less than 3 months more than 16,000 users have already downloaded the application.

150,000 Happy House visits


customer satisfaction for the Happy House visits

Proximus Group Annual report 2017


Proximus Annual Report 2017  
Proximus Annual Report 2017