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Committed to the circular economy


Sustainability, energy and circular economy

The current economic system of “take, make, waste� has reached its limits. We want to contribute to shifting towards a more circular economy, requiring fewer resources and producing less waste. KPIs Percentage of waste recycled, reused or composted Collected mobile phones Refurbished modems and TV decoders

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Wide range of ongoing circular projects

The MIDAS project, which has been running for several years, is aimed at recycling as many valuable resources as possible from network installations. Last year, more than 680 tons of copper cable were recovered and thousands of tons of electronic equipment were recycled. Through these activities, we bring valuable metals back into business. We also run an initiative in our shops and in schools to recycle mobile phones. In schools, we work with GoodPlanet Belgium to collect old devices to be recycled and we reward the schools with refurbished computers. In 2019, we recycled 31,475 mobile phones in schools and shops and rewarded schools with 189 refurbished laptops, desktops or tablets. In total, we want to collect 100,000 old phones in 2020. We offer the GoodSchool DigiTool to schools. This innovative survey system collects data on waste, mobility, food and/or energy. The tool was designed by GoodPlanet and Proximus, using our Internet of Things technology. Teachers and pupils can collect data together, analyze them and set up sustainable initiatives tailored to the school.

Many initiatives towards becoming a circular company are already in place. However, with our new strategy and action plan we will be able to fully incorporate the principals behind the circular economy as part of our business processes. Different initiatives on waste separation & prevention, recycling of used material (e.g. copper), Green Last Mile Delivery and creating circular criteria for procurement are being explored or implemented. Our activities in Belgium in 2019 generated 13,629 tons of waste, including 13% residual waste that was converted into electricity and heat energy in waste treatment facilities. The remaining 87% was recycled, reused or reprocessed. We have set clear goals on our future waste management and we intend to recycle as much as 90% by 2025.

Proximus Group I Annual report 2019


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336,000 refurbished modems and TV decoders.

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Proximus annual report - 2019  

Proximus annual report - 2019  

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