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Education of both young and old


Connectivity and digital inclusion

Our education initiatives focus on job seekers, school pupils and seniors. KPI Number of job seekers supported by our initiatives

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MolenGeek After having run our Digitalent program for 4 years, we decided to adopt an ecosystem approach in our educational efforts, working in partnership rather than alone. By leveraging initiatives that have the same ambition, we create more impact. In the autumn of 2019, we signed a partnership with MolenGeek. This association allows less-privileged job seekers with an entrepreneurial mindset to discover the opportunities of the new digital world. The youngsters follow an intensive sixmonth training course at the Coding School, allowing them to start as web developers. At the end of 2019, we took part in the MolenGeek Makers Weekend. Close to 100 youngsters gathered during this hackathon, to develop everyday objects that simplify our lives based on new technologies like the Internet of Things. MolenGeek is very complementary to School 19, the other education project that we support.

Proximus Group I Annual report 2019


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Proximus annual report - 2019  

Proximus annual report - 2019  

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