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Innovation and sustainable infrastructure Digital competitiveness of institutions and companies

Digital innovations will shape the future of our economy and society. Not only do we want to increase the digital possibilities of our customers; we also want to have an impact on social and ecological challenges. That is why we are opting for open innovation: we work together with academia, support start-ups and co-create solutions with innovation partners. KPIs IoT connections Number of projects with universities/education institutes

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Microsoft Innovation Center

Proximus API Solutions

Since 2017, Proximus has been a partner of Co.Station. This innovation eco-system, with offices in Ghent, Brussels and Charleroi, has the ambition to lift the Belgian technology sector to a higher level by bringing established companies, startups, scale-ups and experts together so that they can stimulate one another.

We collaborate with imec, the world-leading Belgian R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. We work together on programs & technologies such as Smart cities and artificial intelligence.

ThinkChallenges is a portal where start-ups and academics can compete for selection to further co-create with Proximus. Business, operational and sustainability challenges for which Proximus is seeking a solution are shared with the community. In 2019, we partnered with iReachm to develop our Voice Assist solution for enterprise customers.

We support the ecosystem of FinTech start-ups and companies offering innovative solutions for the financial world. FinTech represents the digitalization of next-generation financial services with cheaper, faster and highly customercentric services. As an active member of the FinTech ecosystem, Proximus enables the digitalization of financial sector clients through cutting-edge solutions like DigitalKYC, blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud services.

Proximus is structural partner of the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Belgium. This publicprivate partnership with the Walloon Region and Microsoft inspires, educates and fosters digital entrepreneurship. In 2019, we jointly participated in “Hack in the Woods”, a coding festival bringing together developers around societal goals.

Proximus API Solutions addresses the new, digital economy challenges of B2B business market with innovative API based solutions to help businesses in their digital transformation. Any business can enjoy this digital environment linked to a whole ecosystem of affiliates and partners to easily build today’s and tomorrow’s new solutions.

As an active member of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, Proximus Luxembourg enables the development of services which meet specific industry needs for the benefit of the entire Proximus Group and its customers.

Supporting young companies, start-ups and scale-ups As a catalyst for young companies, start-ups and scale-ups, we share our know-how, experience and infrastructure, and we collaborate on concrete projects. This way we stimulate innovation and boost our digital economy.

Proximus Group I Annual report 2019


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Proximus annual report - 2019  

Proximus annual report - 2019