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IN PRACTICE | V  angrootloon bakery knows the benefits of camera surveillance

Cameras like hot cakes At the Vangrootloon bakery, cameras help make sure that you always have a choice of tasty delights. What’s more, the cameras in the tearoom and at the checkout underpin security for customers and staff alike.

About Vangrootloon

Vangrootloon bakery supplies fresh bread and pastries to 23 of its own branches in Limburg and Flemish Brabant, as well as to supermarkets, off-premises bakeries, schools, nursing homes and institutions. Vangrootloon has 350 employees.



angrootloon is a large, traditional bakery in SintTruiden. The company’s roots date back to 1915, when Joseph Vangrootloon began baking bread for his family, neighbors and refugees. Today the bakery is run by the third generation. Over the years, this family business has grown strongly. Vangrootloon has 23 of its own shops, 17 of which have a tearoom. Although, in essence, Vangrootloon is a totally traditional company, it also uses modern technology to support its stores. Cameras play a key role here.

Discreet follow-up “Our shops can order extra stock until midday,” says Jan Massa, Head of Marketing at Vangrootloon bakery. “In the past, this wasn’t always possible, or it was done too late, because of the pressures of business. Via a camera at head office, we can see the shelves in the shops and estimate ourselves whether we need to send new stock.” With a second camera, Vangrootloon can also see, from head office, how busy it is in the tearoom. If necessary, someone from a nearby store can go and lend a hand. A third camera is installed discreetly above the cash register. “It is there for the safety of our staff,” says Massa. “If there’s any argument about the right change – did

the customer hand over a € 20 or € 50 note? – the CCTV footage can settle the matter. The same if someone were to take money from the till while it is unmanned for a moment.”

One single contact point Vangrootloon uses Explore for the connection between the shops and head office. A private network with a fast, secure Internet connection is handy to give all staff fast access to the applications they need. For everything related to the network and telephone services, Vangrootloon relies on Proximus SpearIT. This partner – an integrator and operator of IT services for SMEs – also March 2016

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