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06  Q+A


Birgitta Brys, COO Benelux Worldline 11  Vision

Vangrootloon bakery “Thanks to cameras, we can see how busy it is in the tearoom. If necessary, someone from a nearby store can go and lend a hand.”



Peter Bal, CIO of Wabco and CIO of the Year 2015 30  Q+A Johan Guelluy, CIO Generali Belgium 32  Interview Marion Debruyne on her new book 34  In team Roger Malevé on his team at the National Lottery 38  Fiber optics Four managers on the need for highperformance connectivity SOLUTION 14  Unified

communication in the Cloud 33 Reliable network


34 “Digitalization makes it possible to gauge playing behavior using big data techniques.” Roger Malevé, CTO/CIO at the National Lottery

The connected car Nine managers on the upcoming change in the automobile industry. ADAS offers extra safety systems, Matteo Gatta, Director Technology Strategy & Innovation at Proximus, is striving to achieve digital leadership in Europe and Luc Derie, Program Director Modernization Metro at STIB-MIVB on the connected metro.

IN PRACTICE Vangrootloon bakery Cameras like hot cakes 10  Vandeputte Everyone involved thanks to the New Way of Working 16  NATO Multidimensional working model 28 UBench International Safe data highway 36 Imtech Belgium From the Netherlands to Belgium in just two months 08

SCOOP 18  Devices

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in the spotlight Huawei Y5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 27  Read for you ‘Customer Innovation’ 31  Useful app and IoT 1Password and Anybridge Controller ALSO INTERESTING… 07  Technology

Machine learning News  Dominique Leroy is crowned Manager of the Year and Audi connect 42  Trigger Mazout as a Service 40  Proximus


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Proximus One • March 2016  

Business magazine for top ICT professionals

Proximus One • March 2016  

Business magazine for top ICT professionals