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SOLUTION | Reliable network

Suppose you send a text that doesn’t arrive until a day later: no one would accept that. It’s equally inconceivable for customers that they can’t reach your call center or, for members of the public, that they have no access to an online government service because the network is down.

Real time is only possible with a reliable network


e live in a real-time economy and that means the network must be available at all times. People expect to be able to connect with one another, government organizations and companies, at any time. Through the online world, people can find what they are looking for, whenever they want. This also puts huge pressure on organizations: you absolutely have to ensure that you are accessible via various channels. Thanks to the Internet, you can run your services, day and night. And that’s essential, certainly for commercial organizations, because consumers are demanding and your competitors are only a mouse click away from them.

Virtual is real About 20 years ago, we still called the Internet the ‘virtual world,’ a world entirely disassociated from the physical world. These days, at the very least, the Internet supplements the physical world and, according to some people, even replaces it. Just think how much time you spend online and how everything is gradually becoming connected. Do you sleep with your smartphone on your bedside table, even though health gurus advise against it? For companies and governments, in any case, it means that they have to offer their goods and services in both the

physical world and online. After all, no one wants to lose a client or disappoint a member of the public.

The technology behind the scenes Behind all these possibilities – which your target audience takes so much for granted – lie all sorts of technological conditions: connectivity, communication standards, software, mobile devices, apps, etc., and all these facilities have to be constantly available. In the early years of IT, crashes were still quite common, but now they are unacceptable. The more accustomed you are to the permanent online possibilities, the more logical you think it is that they are always there. So someone has to keep everything running behind the scenes. Proximus aims to be that someone, as a supplier of communication infrastructure, Cloud applications and datacenter facilities. In all areas, Proximus provides services with maximum reliability. The aim here is to ensure the best possible experience for your target audience.

Availability is not enough In the real-time economy, everything comes to a standstill if the network fails. Working, playing, entertaining, communicating, buying, informing – everything is based on a reliable network. So the connection has to be

available, all of the time. But that’s not enough. A reliable network is not only constantly available, it also has to supply sufficient capacity and, what’s more, it has to channel information without delay, whatever the circumstances. This is why Proximus invests continually in the reinforcement of networks and datacenters, e.g. by increasing capacity and investing in the latest technology and facilities such as managed services. That way, users can be totally reassured and the technology behind the scenes keeps on running without interruption.

Business benefits • Meet your clients’ expectations • Focus on your core activities • Permanent availability • A mple capacity and high speed

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Proximus One • March 2016  

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Proximus One • March 2016  

Business magazine for top ICT professionals