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21% It is estimated that mobility and traffic problems result in a 21% productivity loss for Belgian companies every year.

is linked to the fixed number – means that the call comes in on both devices, so you can always be reached. It works the other way round too: if you call someone from your mobile device, they still see the fixed number on their screen. So there is no longer any need to give customers your mobile phone number. How often do you have to listen to your voicemail and call people back because you weren’t available? That, too, becomes a lot more efficient thanks to improved accessibility: fewer voicemails, fewer missed calls, more efficient communication and better service for your customers. You can even receive your voicemails by e-mail.

Unified communication in the Cloud In the past, it was sometimes fairly complicated for companies to introduce unified communication and collaboration. They needed to have the right IT

expertise in house, which was often only possible for large organizations. And some technologies were only feasible with bigger budgets. Videoconferencing, for instance, took place in meeting rooms with large screens and expensive systems. Now you can easily install video software on your PC or even on a mobile device – laptop, tablet or smartphone. Unified communication and collaboration tools are now within reach for every company, via the Cloud. So your company no longer has to install or maintain any equipment. You don’t have to make any major investments beforehand in order to acquire internal UC knowledge or IT infrastructure; you simply pay a fixed monthly amount per user. What’s more, the number of users can be adapted very flexibly, which means that a unified communication in the Cloud solution can follow the growth of your company.

When is unified communication in the Cloud an advantage for you? • I f your staff are often on the road • I f you work flexible hours and from home • I f your company has several sites • I f you work on an international scale

Business benefits • Advanced cooperation tools • No internal expertise necessary • Flexible and modular • More time for strategic projects, less day-to-day maintenance • Clear view of IT costs

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Proximus One • March 2016  

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Proximus One • March 2016  

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