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How to Bypass Web Restrictions

More and more, you can find public wireless, in cities, train stations, airports... and even some public hotspots that are available with a subscription, accessible through a web login form. The thing is, most of the time, will have a reduced connectivity. Only some ports and protocols will be allowed. For instance, you may be restricted to HTTP, HTTPS, POP and SMTP.

This also applies to protected networks of cheap proxy, such as libraries, schools and office environments, where your access to Internet is limited, and some ports and protocols are blocked.

Two different solutions to break free of these restrictions: SSH tunneling SOCKS servers.

SSH tunneling ď Ź

ď Ź

Computer networks use a tunneling protocol when one network protocol encapsulates a different payload protocol. By using tunneling one can carry a payload over an incompatible delivery-network, or provide a secure path through an untrusted network. Tunneling typically contrasts with a layered protocol model such as those of OSI or TCP/IP. The paid proxy usually operates at a higher level in the model than does the payload protocol, or at the same level.

SSH as a SOCKS server ď Ź

Here attempt to have Skype and FTP to bypass the firewall. In order to do so, we will run a SOCKS server on a given port, and set applications to use SOCKS, either natively, either forcibly. When an application uses SOCKS, all its hidemybody network connections are routed through the SOCKS server, which forwards it all to your server on Internet, and then connects to your different services and servers. It is a bit like a "multi-port" SSH tunnel.


Open up NSLOOKUP by going to START>RUN>type: NSLOOKUP which will open up a black box that looks very similar to the command prompt but with additional information.

Type in the website [In NSLOOKUP] you are trying to get to that is being blocked by the web restriction service.

Copy ONE of the IP addresses that come up for the site.

Paste that IP Address into the URL bar inside of your internet browser.

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How to bypass web restrictions