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Blocked from using Social Networking sites? Here is how to Unblock

If you are a college or school student then it is natural that you have been banned from using social networking sites. Due certain hazards and hamper of studies from students using social networking sites, authorities have banned the use of these sites.

They have actually unblocked sites and by using Facebook proxy, twitter proxy etc they can use all social site. What to do now? If you are going to school or college and unable to use your favorite social networking sites, don’t worry.

There are many things that you can do to unblock these sites. This will help you establishing connection again with your friends. You can get involved in your favorite pastime activities such as downloading games, networking, chatting, and downloading games and videos. Of course positive usage of these sites will also help you enhance knowledge in your field of study.

Here are some tips on how to unblock from using social networking sites. Here, we will focus on unblocking MySpace.

Privacy Settings ď Ź

ď Ź

First you need to know about the privacy settings of your school. This is how you can get successful in unblocking your favorite social networking site. Know what settings they are using. Do they majorly use Internet Explorer? If yes, then the blocking will not affect you at all if you use a different browser. Try using other famous and safe browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Any browser other than internet explorer will help you access your favorite social networking sites including Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, and many others.

These will stay blocked if you stick on using Internet explorer. In case you are still unable to use the social networking site you want then the computer guys in your school are smarter. Don’t worry there are other ways to unblock the sites.

Proxy Server ď Ź

ď Ź

Another trick that you can play in this regard is to use a smart thing referred to as a proxy server. Proxy server is a site. It is usually set up in a fashion to work as a face to all your online browsing activities. As soon as you visit a website via using a proxy server, you are using a server other what your school uses.

This means that you will not be blocked from visiting and using any of the social networking sites you want to. Using proxy sites is the best technique to follow in order to get come out of the blockage. You can now easily use your favorite social networking sites at school and college.

The best thing about using SEO PRoxy is that it is free. You just require signing up for the server and you can start using it without having to pay any fees. You may even come across some that would ask you for fees. It will entirely depend on you about the kind of servers you want to use.

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Blocked from using social networking sites  

If you are a college or school student then it is natural that you have been banned from using social networking sites. Due certain hazards...