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Anonymous Proxy

In personal computers, a proxy-host is just a number that serves as an intermediary for demands from customers seeking methods from different computers.

Types of Proxy

Transparent Proxy

Anonymous Proxy

Elite Proxy

Uses of Proxy Servers Following are the uses of cheap proxy: 

Monitoring and filtering

Filtering of encrypted data

Bypassing filters and censorship

Logging and eavesdropping

Benefits of Elite Proxy Server 

By having an elite proxy server, you nearly become untraceable as your computer hides behind another computer whose IP alone is seen and never yours. This way, no one also understands that you will be using the server Buy Proxies don’t present that they are proxy. By doing this, no-one even knows that you will be using the host

Purpose of Transparent Proxy ď Ź

ď Ź

Transparent paid proxy are generally used in companies to ease administrative expenses, also to enforce acceptable use policy, since no client browser configuration is necessary. Popular by ISPs in certain countries to save upstream bandwidth and increase customer response times by caching.

Anonymous Proxy ď Ź

ď Ź

People planning to bypass web filtering, looking to prevent anybody from monitoring the things they are performing, will typically seek the internet for an anonymous and open buy proxy. They will then plan their browser to proxy all requests through the internet filter to the unknown proxy. Those needs can be encoded with https.

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Anonymous proxy