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The Truck & Bus Wash Unit

MAGNUM Basic Model

Sparkling vehicles have become an irreplaceable means of successful advertising for industrial and public transport companies, as well as, omni-bus companies. Not to mention that the time-saving, automatic vehicle washing preserves the value of vehicles.

robust, durable, reliable

Logically constructed machine components and the tried and true drive units from Christ AG contribute to the greatest extent to an unbeaten reliability.

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Graphical material may contain equipment only available at a surcharge. We reserve the right to make changes to construction and design.

The self-propelled, fully automatic truck & bus wash unit MAGNUM is designed for maximum longevity due to its robust, completely galvanized steel portal. While the standard truck & bus wash unit MAGNUM is equipped with 3 wash cylinders, this unit can also be equipped with 2 wash cylinders upon request. (model excludes roof cylinder)

Wheel guiding tubes, splash protection for side and roof cylinders and a series of further advantageous accessory equipment are optionally available. Modular construction enables the MAGNUM to be combined with smart accessory equipment to implement customer required machine applications. Bus-mirror wash program with centre cross-over wash. The side cylinders wash between protruding bus mirrors and move around the mirrors once switched over to side surface wash (prevents mirror damages).

Just the right solution for every fleet

Low-floor moving gear for complete vehicle coverage All truck & bus wash units in the MAGNUM model series are serially equipped with our low-floor moving gear. This means that even lowerable lowfloor busses can be completely washed by the side cylinders. The distance between the lower edge of the rotating side cylinders and the floor upper edge is only 175 mm.

Interspace wash A safety function prevents the wash cylinders from contacting the drawbar and coupler in the wash program “TRUCK with trailer”. Safe washing around truck side rearview mirrors Protruding mirrors are safely washed around with the special program „Truck Front Mirror“ Frequency controlled geared motor drives guarantee jolt-free and therefore low-wear unit operation. Minimum wash times can be achieved with speeds variable from 6 – 18 m/min..

Optimum applied brush pressure. Electronic wash cylinder control (MPC) accomplishes a contourfollowing, gentle and effective vehicle wash.

MAGNUM-5 Basic Model

Large fleet operations require fast and efficient wash technology. the largest challenge lies in being able to carry out a complete front, side and rear vehicle wash at minimized operational costs and in shortest wash times.

MAGNUM-5: An innovative 5-wash cylinder concept, which creates a symbiosis of quality and quantity in the vehicle wash and is especially recommendable for washing in shift operation in public transport companies as a high-performance commercial wash unit or for large forwarding companies for fleet cleaning.

Maximum wash capacity by time saving

Bus wash operation concept (semi-stationary operation) The vehicle driver stops the vehicle driving-in once the traffic light in the entrance area has switched to red. The unit thereafter fully automatically carries out the front wash with a double cross-over wash. Thereafter, the portal moves with drawn-in side cylinders to the end position. After the traffic light has switched to green, the driver drives the vehicle at a suggested speed of approx. 12 mtr./min. through the wash unit (portal stands still, wash cylinders rotate). Upon reaching the rear party, a further traffic light indicates to the driver to stop his vehicle so that the rear side cylinders can carry out the double centre cross-over wash on the rear. Once the wash process is ended, the traffic light switches to green, releasing the vehicle. The side cylinders are in their outer position during the exit ( vehicle is free to exit the wash bay).The wash portal moves back automatically to it’s starting position. The complete wash of a 18 mtr. bus is thereby possible in approx. 2,5 minutes.

Commercial wash operation concept The MAGNUM-5 can also be designed to be completely mobile (over the entire length of the vehicle).This is recommend e.g. for the upper surface wash of trucks. In a mixed fleet park, these operation concepts can be combined in order to maximize the benefits of individual concepts. Accessory equipment from the MAGNUM series modular construction kit is optionally available (e.g. under-chassis wash unit, prespray device, etc.) This enables ideal solutions for large fleet parks.

TAURUS Basic Model

The unit model “TAURUS” was especially developed for dispatch, industry and disposal companies, as well as, commercial wash operations. All demands and requirements are fulfilled by means of the wide selection of accessory equipment obtainable in combination with this unit.

durable and economical

Logically constructed machine components, tried and true drive units, as well as, Christ AG’s exclusive manufacturing quality contribute to the greatest extent to unbeaten reliability.

Wash cylinder control succeeds electronically (MPC), controlling applied brush pressure for an especially gentle effective and contour-following wash. This control system also enables individual configuration of special wash programs. The TAURUS, is equipped with 3 wash cylinders and has a standard wash height of 4.200 mm and a standard wash width of 2.900 mm.

Interspace wash A safety function prevents the wash cylinders from contacting the drawbar and coupler in the wash program “TRUCK with trailer”. Safe washing around truck side rearview mirrors Protruding mirrors are safely washed around with the special program “Truck Front Mirror”

TAURUS Basic Model

Frequency controlled drive gear motors guarantee jolt-free, thus low-wear unit operation. Drive speeds of 6-18 mtr./min. guarantee shortest washing times. Wheel guiding tubes, splash protection for side and roof cylinders and a series of further advantageous accessory equipment are optionally available. Modular construction enables the MAGNUM to be combined with smart accessory equipment to implement customer required machine applications.

Side cylinder on double bearings (upper and lower) and guided over centre-crossing jointed arms in maintenancefree plastic bearings. Optimum applied brush pressure Electronic wash cylinder control (MPC) accomplishes a contourfollowing, gentle and effective vehicle wash.

Already included in the Basic Model

Double protected switchgear The valuable switchgear (IP65) is accommodated in its own sealed control cabinet located in the front-side of the left portal beam behind closed plastic access doors. Here, the switchgear is safely sealed away from splashing water even during heavy-duty vehicle washing.

Dosing station for cleaning agents The dosing station for cleaning agents is allocated for easy access in the right portal side piece. Adjustable dosing pumps draw out the cleaning agents from the cleaning agent containers in the integrated shelves.

Travelling tracks Rolled, full-profile travelling tracks made from galvanized steel (length 25 mtr. left/right). The travelling tracks are equipped with shimming material for water flow and are either dowelled or welded to the ground. The travelling tracks simultaneously serve for receiving the anti-topple device. Supply lines Supply lines (electricity, water) for integration in the provided cable conveyor device or energy supply chain. Length: from wash unit to wash hall point of connection. We also offer new cable conveyor devices or energy supply chains. We especially recommend our cable conveyor device made from reinforced aluminium profiles with wall brackets (designed for receiving high-pressure hose lines, flexible water lines and electro cables).

Already included in the Basic Model

Service terminal This terminal is especially designed for the requirements of truck wash units. Program selection, counter status request and parameter settings are carried out using the large clear text display and a protected plastic overlaid keypad. Additional programs such as under-body wash or pre-wash can be combined with the wash program.

The wash cylinders can be manually moved in and out during the vehicle wash for washing special superstructures or the undercarriage may be relocated by means of direct button contact on the service terminal.

SENSOFIL+ Gentle wash material for sensitive surfaces Alcove program The alcove program is a smart component of the wash unit’s program package; conceived for campers and caravans. The alcove is washed gently in combination with SENSOFIL+.

Also designed for omnibuses Many omnibus operations use vehicles with high-quality painting and labelling. Busses are washed quite often in the wash unit, as these vehicles must always be maintained and cleaned in promoting a positive image and advertising medium. Our gentle wash material SENSOFIL+ is the ideal solution for preserving the value of your vehicle. Gentle camper wash Cleaning sensitive surfaces requires wash cylinder trimming that provides excellent cleaning results and remains gentle on vehicle surfaces. Both of these requirements are fulfilled by the gentle wash material SENSOFIL+, a wash material with filaments made from foamed polyethylene. The large filament density increases the wash efficiency and still remains gentle on the vehicle’s paint surface. The truck wash unit can also be conceived as a wash unit for campers and caravans. A manual pre-wash device for cleaning hard to reach areas on campers and caravans perfectly complements the machines configuration. Commercial camper and caravan wash professionals round off their offer by manually pre-handling socalled „rain shadows“, that bulid up over time on parked campers and caravans.

SENSOFIL + Wash material made from foamed polyethylene. This material is distinguished by: - Increased longevity - High cleaning performance - Minimal material abrasion on the vehicle's paint finish - Vehicle has a high gloss finish Especially suitable for washing campers, caravans and omnibuses.

Oscillating special high-pressure JETSTREAM

JETSTREAM The perfect complement for the wash unit for washing vehicles with special shapes such as silo trains, etc. The high-pressure arch JETSTREAM is especially efficient in pre-cleaning heavily dirtied vehicles, e.g. dump and/or waste trucks. Four automatic electromotoric oscillating high-pressure jet devices are mounted on each side of the wash unit. The jet devices are mounted with counter-oscillating jet high-pressure jets, which perfectly wash the front and rear areas of the vehicle. Time usually spent on manual pre-cleaning through the pre-wash personnel is considerably reduced through the JETSTREAM.

JETSTREAM The JETSTREAM can be equally used for pre-cleaning all other types of trucks. Due to the outstanding wash efficiency and the visual allure of the wash sequence, the attraction of the commercial wash operation increases in comparison to competition. The high-pressure pre-wash with the JETSTREAM can be specially advertised and sold as an additional wash program in order to increase wash numbers and the average wash price. The JETSTREAM can be operated selectively with a centrifugal pump (approx. 20 bar working pressure) or as a high-performance device with two piston membrane pumps (approx. 50 bar working pressure).

Supply device for JETSTREAM with two piston membrane pumps for a working pressure of approx. 50 bar

Valuable Accessory Equipment Wheel guiding tubes Wheel guiding tubes are used for improved positioning and alignment of long vehicles. We recommend one pair in the entrance and one pair in the starting position of the wash unit.

Guidance system for manual pre-wash system The spray and high-pressure lance can be comfortably carried left and right along the vehicle by means of c-rails / tracks and cable car. The lances are parked in the lance holster when not in operation.

Manual high-pressure pre-wash We offer a manual pre-wash system for areas which cannot be recognized by the wash unit where pre-cleaning chemicals are applied to the vehicle via powerful high-pressure (piston pumps).

Customer bonding with the WASH MANAGER Complete customer card system with company and private customer address administration. The system offers active profit control, price/ bonus steping / scales, fleet cards with debit balance/entry, statistics and further marketing possibilities. A webcam connection with picture record on the server system can complement the system.

Pre-spray device (Additional program) The application of pre-cleaning agents succeeds during vehicle entrance as a stationary variant. The pre-cleaning agents integrated in the wash portal variant are applied to the vehicle during a separate portal overrun.

Under-chassis wash systems The stationary nozzle fittings (under-floor) clean the vehicles underside during vehicle entrance in the wash hall without loss of time. We offer two variants that can be combined with corresponding centrifugal pumps.

Positioning device With LED-display indication FORWARDSTOP-BACKWARD for exact vehicle end positioning in front of the wash unit. Control over photo-cells during entrance.

Compact bristle trimming In place of the standard bristle trimming with 14 polyethylene bristle per hole, the trimming mats are filled with 16 polyethylene bristles per hole. This enables an improved wash result to be achieved.

Minimize costs through water recycling Quartz-gravel filter – water recycling unit FONTIS Aside from protecting the environment, fresh water must also be effectively employed due to economical aspects. Fresh water costs are minimized through the employment of a water recycling unit FONTIS, as the wash cylinders are supplied with used industrial water (recycled water). Rain water (runoff water from roof area) can be an ideal complement to the Fontis. It helps reduce the amount of fresh water consumed even further by employing rain water for the final rinse cycle. Pointer: We would be glad to send you a detailed informational brochure of the quartz gravel filter – water recycling unit FONTIS. Our contact address is found on the last page. Fresh Water



Dosing pump

Dosing pump

Quartzgravel filter (4)

Recycled water storage tank (5)

Elect. controlvalve (7)

Flocculants Caustic (10) soda (12)

Recycled water ejection

Membraneaerator (9)

Recycled water

pH-value measurement (11)

Recycled water recirculation

Elect. controlvalve (7)

Flocculant equipment

Back rinse

Quartzgravel filter (4)

Polluted water

Conductivitydevice (8)

Water supply pump (6)

Polluted water

Air compressor (4) Function diagram Water recycling system Fontis 15

Sampling chamber Canalization

Pump Control valve Conductivity measurement Membraneaerator Optional

Oil and petrol separator (13) Membraneaerator (9) Submersible Pump (3)

Drainage tank (2)

Sludge trap (1)

Sludge trap (1)

Technical data

Obtainable wash height and wash width

Obtainable wash height from 3.200 mm to 5.000 mm in 100 mm increments

Durchfahrtsbreite „MAGNUM“ 3.400 mm Durchfahrtsbreite „TAURUS“ 3.200 mm

Special designs may be possible upon request at a surcharge and only after having been technically checked. Further technical data concerning the MAGNUM and TAURUS series can be obtained upon request.

Truck & Bus Wash Unit MAGNUM-5

Truck & Bus Wash Unit MAGNUM

Truck & Bus Wash Unit TAURUS

Stationary Bus Wash Unit ECOBUS

Wash Unit for Rail Vehicles TRAIN WASH

Water Recycling Units FONTIS

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