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BUILD-A-BED May 4, 2013 YouthBuild Providence’s first annual Build-A-Bed event was a success. The event allowed community volunteers to assemble twin-sized beds for children under 12 who live in Providence and do not have a bed to sleep in Students were able to display their construction skills by prepping all the wood used for the event. This allowed students to use their math skills to determine the size of the materials and how much each team would need. Students were also able to use their math skills by mapping out the entire location for the event.

YouthBuild Providence’s students were presented with a central question. How can we better our communities by designing a project that is both economically and socially sustainable? Thus, the birth of Build-A-Bed. This cross-curricular project included all areas of the programs educational experience including: English/Language Arts, mathematics, critical thinking, leadership development, communications, social studies and construction arts. Students, as always, played a major role in the planning and implementation of the event. It was clear from the beginning of the process that several students rose to the top and took on a leadership role. They were quickly assigned chair-person positions from crew leaders to food and beverage management.

Students participated in a three day design charrette where they had to problem-solve design issues dealing with safety regulations of toddler beds, investigate the benefits of various building supplies, and develop checklists to ensure project prep work was completed in a timely manner.

like doing. When asked to draw a scaled diagram of the event site and place the stations in the appropriate locations that would not only allow for easy access, but keep the children area clear of the building sites, the students said it was more like putting a puzzle together than using math skills.

This will be an experience that they will take with them forever. Living the YouthBuild Providence Philosophy put the whole year into perspective for some.

Other students reported that they used the opportunity to network with business owners that were present as well as volunteers from various Providence organizations.

Amazed by the amount of people that showed up to this first annual event, both students and alumni of the program are looking forward to next years event and have already began leaving notes for next years class on ways to be more efficient in prepping for Build-A-Bed.

When asked to reflect on the experience, students commented that it didn’t feel like learning, it felt



Elijah: How did you find out about the event? Gigi: I heard about the event through my job CCAP. Elijah: What did the Build-A-Bed event mean to you and your family? Gigi: It felt great, not only to receive beds from your organization, but to see the community come together and so many volunteers working together for such a great cause. Elijah: What was the highlighted of the event? Gigi: Getting to see first bed recipient get their bed. Elijah: Have you ever heard about YouthBuild Providence before? Gigi: I haven’t heard of the organization before, but I will spread the word for next year’s event, so parents can go to sleep knowing their child will have a good night’s sleep. Elijah: Does your child sleep better now with the new bed?


Gigi: Absolutely!!! I’m a single parent and even though I have a job; times are tough. I try to spread my check in so many ways but it’s not enough. I recently moved and was going to have to choose between beds for the kids or dining set so they can eat properly (of course I was going to buy the beds first) but thanks to your organization my children got the beds and I was able to provide my family with a dining table. All week during breakfast I’ve heard how much the LOVE the beds. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 4

Katherine’s Compress, ’14 Build-A-Build Experience. “The Build-A-Bed event was not only important but meat a lot to me. I go to help out and watch all the young children become excited about their new beds, sheets, pillows, bear, and a book they can read at night before going to bed.... Seeing kids that day having so much excitement was the best feeling that I would never forget.”

Elijah Cross, ’14 says “It felt like I was helping a family that was in need. A mother that wanted her kids to sleep good and do good in school. Delivering the first bed felt marvelous. (pictured above)


SHOUT OUT to YouthBuild Providence’s very own little league baseball team for showing their support at this years’ Build-ABed Event


“Thanks to all volunteers & sponsors; we are literally building community� - Congressman David N. Cicilline


We would like to thank all our Build-A-Bed contributors:

* William D’Abate Elementary * Dr. Bob Mattiolo * Mariah McCormick * Stop & Shop * TJ Maxx * Target

* Cardi’s Furniture

* Marshalls

* Arnold’s Lumber

* Wal-Mart

* RI  Builders Association

* Enterprise Car Rental

* Tom Lopatosky

* DJ Knockout 401

* Ocean State Job Lot

* Chris Ackley

* Coca Cola Company

* Ready To Learn Providence

* Aramark

* Providence Community Action

* Build-A-Bear

* Children’s Friend & Service

* United Way

* The Institute for the Study and Practice of NonViolence

* Caldwell & Johnson * Jersey Mikes

* RI Housing

* Afro AM

* The Providence Plan

* Dean Isabella


* Ayana Bass

* Starbucks 8

“You’re what making a difference looks like. Thank you so much.” * Exeter Job Corps * Highroads * College Crusade * Mayor Angel Tavares * Senator Jack Reed * Councilwoman Sabina Matos * Congressman David Cicilline * YouthBuild students, staff, and alumni  


Over 200 volunteers made this event possible! For your dedication and hard work we will be forever grateful.


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Proud to be an AmeriCorps program YouthBuild Providence is made possible by U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration YouthBuild USA City of Providence Corporation for National and Community Service State of Rhode Island 11

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