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Pro-Vivendi is the new way to retire Puerto Portals

Pro-Vivendi, independent senior lifestyle

Our philosophy

Pro-Vivendi offers a new way of life for over 55 year olds; an alternative lifestyle based on “Active Aging”, a new concept in healthcare development. The main focus is: ACTIVE AGING “Active Aging” optimises healthcare opportunities, participation and security in order to improve people's quality of life as they get older. At Pro-Vivendi we promote people's physical, social and mental wellbeing, making sure they remain active members of society by taking part in activities which respond to their needs, desires and capabilities, and by providing adequate protection, security and care when needed.

Improve your quality of life…

A new world just waiting to be discovered..


Always on holiday‌

Purchase/ Long Term Lease

Pro-Vivendi is a long term project. Due to our philosophy and commitment to quality we have turned the traditional roles of a real estate agency upside down. Pro-Vivendi has designed a new way of guaranteeing maximum quality in its services: by maintaining the ownership of its complex, and selling long term leases. A public deed is signed before a notary and the long term lease is registered in the property register. In this way the customer is guaranteed use of the property, as well as all the communal facilities and services available at the complex. It is a new way of doing things which differentiates us from any other real estate developers.

Details of the long term lease - In all aspects of this agreement the rights for long term lease are binding and consecutive. - Legal security is guaranteed by legal ordinance; the signed contract becomes a public deed and is registered on the property register. - Depending on the duration of the lease, the company will issue a rebate of the initial payment. In the case of death, the rebate will be issued to the leaseholder's beneficiaries/heirs. Pro-Vivendi offers a full consultancy service to its clients (legal, tax etc) in order to assist them in the process of buying a lease for one of our apartments.

Example rebate of capital invested Apartment of 98.53m2 (constructed surface) Parking space: 12.50m2 Storage room: 7m2.



Rebate after 5 years

297.500 (85% of the investment)

Rebate after 10 years

245.000 (70% of the investment)

Rebate after 20 years

140.000 (40% of the investment)

A great investment‌

Rebate Table Price long term Lease 350.000 € years 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

297.500 297.500 297.500 297.500 297.500 287.000 276.500 266.000 255.500 245.000 234.500 224.000 213.500 203.000 192.500 182.000 171.500 161.000 150.500 140.000 129.500 119.000 108.500 98.000 87.500 77.000 66.500 56.000 45.500 35.000 24.500 14.000 3.500 0

Price long term Price long term Lease Lease 400.000 € 450.000 € Refund Amount 340.000 382.500 340.000 382.500 340.000 382.500 340.000 382.500 340.000 382.500 328.000 369.000 316.000 355.500 304.000 342.000 292.000 328.500 280.000 315.000 268.000 301.500 256.000 288.000 244.000 274.500 232.000 261.000 220.000 247.500 208.000 234.000 196.000 220.500 184.000 207.000 172.000 193.500 160.000 180.000 148.000 166.500 136.000 153.000 124.000 139.500 112.000 126.000 100.000 112.500 88.000 99.000 76.000 85.500 64.000 72.000 52.000 58.500 40.000 45.000 28.000 31.500 16.000 18.000 4.000 4.500 0 0

Price long term Lease 500.000 € 425.000 425.000 425.000 425.000 425.000 410.000 395.000 380.000 365.000 350.000 335.000 320.000 305.000 290.000 275.000 260.000 245.000 230.000 215.000 200.000 185.000 170.000 155.000 140.000 125.000 110.000 95.000 80.000 65.000 50.000 35.000 20.000 5.000 0

Mallorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean‌


Services included in the monthly fee Emergency 24 hour medical service Reception/Concierge service Security service Weekly clean of the apartment Maintenance of the facilities (lifts, swimming pools) Free access to the swimming pool and Spa Cleaning and maintenance of the gardens and communal areas Civil responsibility insurance for the complex

Spa Indoor swimming pools and Jacuzzi Saunas & Hamam Ice cave Massages, therapies and anti-aging treatments Gym and Aquagym Fitness centre

Extra individual costs Utilities:Water, gas, electricity and telephone Municipal taxes Insurance for the apartment (contents)

Optional services planned Cafeteria / Restaurant Meals delivered to the apartment Mini supermarket, kiosk Grocery shopping service Maintenance of the apartment in your absence Cleaning and laundry service Organised visits, days outs and trips Secretary, consultancy and social services Hairdresser's and beauty salon Taking care of or walking your pet Transfers to and from the airport and travel assistance Car and bicycle hire Maintenance and repairs services Pedicures

Our commitment to your wellbeing‌

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is this a good solution to current problems experienced in old age? Because although most Europeans do manage to save some money during their working life, when they reach retirement age they realise that their pensions will not cover all their needs within their current place of residence, which, in most cases, has already been paid for years before.This formula guarantees a personalised service, and makes the most out of the savings made through the property change, when faced with current pension issues‌

How old do I have to be to purchase a lease on an apartment? You can purchase one at any time, although residents are restricted to over 55 year olds.

What happens with a long term lease which I do not use? The agent will put it on the market, for shorter periods of time, and will issue the leaseholder with a rebate, in the event of it being sold, after deducting a transaction fee.

Can I resell my apartment? No, as you are not the owner but rather the long term leaseholder. However, you can recover the amount established at the sale minus the reduction set out in the contract.

What it a long term lease? A long term lease is what the leaseholder buys: the right to use the apartment for the rest of their life, with a guaranteed rebate. In other words: he/she may use the apartment, even though they do not have bare ownership of it.This means that when they pass away or decide to leave the apartment, once the specified rebate has been issued, it reverts to the agent's ownership.

Why is a long term lease an advantage? As far as the lease holder is concerned a long term lease is no different to actually owning the apartment: they may use its facilities as and when they like, within the rules set out in the complex which have been created to make life easier. But there is an important advantage to this situation: as the actual owner of the property is the agent, and they will want to be able to reuse the apartment after the period of use, he/she is also the main interested party in maintaining the quality of the services offered. The apartment's future value depends fundamentally on demand, which in turn is based on what the users of the complex feel and their opinions about it.

A perfect formula...

What are the expenses involved in living at the complex? There are some community expenses which are specified beforehand, and which come to around â‚Ź400 a month per apartment, plus â‚Ź50 extra per person.The direct costs related to the apartment are to be paid for by the leaseholder. This includes a wide range of services, such as a permanent medical security service.

How much will the agent pass on to my heirs in the case of my death? A table of rebate values is set out in the lease purchase agreement for the apartment and this reduces in value with the passage of time. The lease holder is contractually guaranteed the recovery of the amount at any time or, in the case of death, this will be passed on to his/her heirs or a designated beneficiary.The apartments cannot be inherited.

Will the agent buy my current property? No, but he/she may be able to put you in contact with agents who can assist you in this process.

Are all the apartments the same? No, in fact there is a range of sizes, between 90 and 180 metres squared (the prices, obviously vary according to the metres).The quality of service received by the users is the same across all apartments.

Who provides the services? The operator is a specialised organisation from Switzerland. In any case, the services are regulated by the Spanish authorities. In the case of the Balearics, all relevant authorisations are already provided.

Enjoy active leisure time...

What kind of services are we talking about? First of all, the complex itself has been designed for the elderly; all of its structural facilities have been adapted accordingly. The complex has its own permanent security service and what is most important, a medical and nursing facility available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.There is also a reception service, a weekly cleaning service for each apartment (which can be increased to more days a week if required) and a wide range of entertainment, tournaments and workshops. Residents can make use of all these services for free, as well as the wi-fi internet connection. Any complementary medical services, certain treatments and other very specialised services are subject to additional costs.

What do you mean by active aging? Leisure activities are a crucial part of retirement. In many cases, passivity has been shown to speed up the aging process. That's why these communities are being created; they bring people together who are more or less of the same age and background, and so promote human relationships, and they offer a rich and varied range of leisure activities.

The apartments

The apartments are free from any architectural barriers and have been specially adapted in order to minimise the number of domestic accidents and falls which are so frequent within this age group and the main causes of disability or reduced mobility. There are one, two and three bedroom apartments available and their surface area varies from 90m2 to 180m2. All the housing has been adapted for the disabled and includes the following equipment: - Alarm system for emergencies, directly connected to medical services - Sliding doors - multi service touch screen - Specially adapted bathrooms

- Ergonomic kitchens

Price range by type of apartment apartaments




1 bedroom


350.000 €

550.000 €

2 bedroom


490.000 €

565.000 €

3 bedroom


690.000 €

720.000 €

Template 1 bedroom apartment

Template 2 bedroom apartment

Template 3 bedroom apartment

Worry free living‌

“Pro-vivendi, a high quality, risk-free residential national seniors who are looking for comfort,

project aimed at European and services and convenience.�

Head office C/. Alfons el Magnànim, 57 07004 Palma de Mallorca Tel. +34 902 67 66 41 Sales office C/. Miguel de Cervantes, 13 local 3 07181 Portal Nous (Calvià) Tel. +34 902 67 66 47 International sales c/o ABS Broker Service AG Predigerplatz 2 CH-8001 Zürich Tel. +41 43 222 67 00

Pro.Vivendi Portals (English)  

A new lifestyle for over 55 years, an alternative to life under a premise: "Active Ageing"

Pro.Vivendi Portals (English)  

A new lifestyle for over 55 years, an alternative to life under a premise: "Active Ageing"