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September 2015 Providence Sporting News

S p or t s T h er a p y Up d a t e Volume 30, September

Fall into Sports

Inside this issue:

It’s a busy time of year to be a sports therapist at Providence. Football, volleyball, soccer and cross country are all in full swing at the local high schools. We have already seen an influx of ACL injuries and various dings and knocks to the athletes early in the season. Many of these athletes are choosing Providence for their care because of the great clinical work and excellent reputation you are all building in the community. Many of you have signed up for the sports competencies course coming up in a few weeks. This is a closed close limited to Providence providers only and will give us all an excellent platform to learn together and grow as a sports team. I’m very excited to spend the weekend with you all and help foster the continued growth of our program. Over the next few months, I will be working with your clinic leadership to make sure the patients being referred for sports therapy are being seen by the sports therapy specialists in the clinic. This work has already started and will help improve our outcomes and patient satisfaction. Looking at innovative clinical models to help improve access for these patients will be part of the conversation. If you have ideas or suggestions, we want to hear from you! - Eric

Sports Therapy Growth


Winter UE course




World Indoors


ACL Prevention Programs


Load and Capacity


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Current targeted growth areas for Sports Therapy:

Sports Therapy Growth Galore!

Happy Valley NE Rehab

Exciting times! We are now getting more requests for Sports Therapy Mentorship program than we have room. Currently we have three very driven clinicians at Sports Care Center on rotation.

There are at least two more PTs that are “on deck” to come late winter/early spring. Predicting clinic and regional needs and being mindful of patient volume changes over the year is as easy as guessing who the next Super Bowl MVP


is going to be. We are mindfully planning and taking the task of regional growth quite seriously. The regional team appreciates the enthusiasm and LOVE the culture shift we are seeing.

St. V Tanas Central Point Hood River

Continuing education series – Winter Upper Extremity A few of our sports therapists have graciously agreed to spend some time working on an UE progression from postoperative to return to sport.

Please email

They are currently gathering articles and outlining content.

Class dates are TBA but after looking at some preliminary content I can attest that it’s one not to miss!

Our aim is to mimic the LE series with an UE version. if

you have resources to contribute or if you have the desire to be involved in the project.

Journey to Clinical Excellence Have you heard of this? Hope so!

“Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.” – Tony Robbins

The background of the Journey to Clinical Excellence is that your CAP Leads and leadership team are looking to grow your clinical and professional skills.

and challenge your practice. The intentions are to challenge our brains and provide a very high level of service to our patients.

The way your team is going about this is very methodical.

You’ll notice there is some staff training on clinical decision making and in the future on motivational interviewing. This is one first step.

Come with an open mind as we introduce a culture shift

There will be changes from time to time. As a group we

are working to change very few things at once because we understand (we are there too) that changes good or bad can be disruptive to our workflow. Most clinicians would agree that our common goal is to grow with the changing times and new practice patterns. Please remember that when presented with new ideas!

IAAF World Indoors - update Sounds like there will be good opportunity to volunteer for the IAAF World Indoors and the events surrounding.

Heads up – they may be changing the volunteer registration server so if you sign up to help there’s a small chance you’ll have to do it again in a month.

There is an open invitation to volunteer online here: There are a few members of teer-registration-and-login/ Providence leadership on the medial team planning


committee. The details are still being sorted out regarding medical coverage and what the qualifiers are to assist on the medical side of things. More to come!

ACL Prevention Programs

Background: ACL prevention programs have been used within Providence and internationally for years with aims to reduce non-contact ACL injury. Each program has a lot of variability in respect to components, duration, frequency, etc. There are a few programs used internationally that have been researched: Sportsmetrics, the “11”, KLIPP, KIP, and PEP to name a few.

An evidence based review of systematic reviews reveals the following “ideal”: Duration: 30 min minimum Frequency: 3 days a week preseason, 1-2 x a week as the season peaks Components: neuromuscular training, balance, proprioception, core/hip/hamstring strength, dynamic warm up, and eccentrics. Programs are more successful when multifaceted. Population: all athletes, not just high risk. Best to catch athletes early (13 yrs and younger) with this training Take home message: it may be best to educate medical and training staff on the “ideal” mix of an ACL prevention program and allow them to cater the program to their particular sport. If you’re interested in the full breakdown there is an excel sheet on research findings on Sharepoint.

Training Load vs. Tissue Capacity Take home message: When the imposed load on a tissue (training, exercises, and lack of recovery time) is greater than the capacity of that tissue, often times an athlete can get into a scenario where injury may occur.

Finding the sweet spot between loading, recovery, and capacity creates an optimal environment for progression without injury.

Load vs Capacity - Full Content Here


Providence Sports Therapy

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The Providence Regional Sports Therapy Team works for you to bring skills, content, and opportunity to the region. We are open to feedback, ideas, and suggestions. We sincerely appreciate all the time and effort each member of the team puts forth in effort to grow the program. You know who you are!



2015 September Sporting News  
2015 September Sporting News