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November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Leading the way in compassion and discovery.

Corporate Events  Christmas events 4 December 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Staff Christmas Turkey Dinner Mental Health Services Cafeteria 11 December 2:00-4:00 p.m. Staff Christmas Open House Providence Manor Auditorium 19 December 2:00-4:00 p.m. Staff Christmas Open House St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital Cafeteria December - Celebrations taking place at our community locations

Congratulations to the 2013 Sisters’ Bursary recipients!

What’s Inside 

A baby shower fit for royalty

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Bell Luncheon

Visitors from Japan welcomed

Long-Service Awards

ePR implemented at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital

New tagline for Providence Care

Frontenac’s visit Providence Manor

 

Learning & Leadership opportunities Words of appreciation ancing Quality of Lif e E nh for over 150 years

Our Founders, the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul grant two Bursaries of $500 each for children of Providence Care staff who are starting post secondary education in the field of health care. The bursaries are meant to show appreciation of the contribution and years of service of Providence Care staff. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Sisters in making these awards possible. Applicants are required to submit an essay of 250 words or less describing why they should be eligible for the bursary, and provide proof of registration at a college or university in a health care program. Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Christian Itliong and Katelyn Leeder! Sandra Carlton, our VP of Mission, Values and People, presented the bursary to Christian on October 23rd. Both of Christian’s parents work at Providence Care. He is the son of Eduardo (Food & Nutrition Assistant at St. Mary’s) and Rebecca Itliong (Nursing Supervisor at Providence Manor). Christian is a first year nursing student at Seneca College. Sister Sandra Shannon and Maurio Ruffolo, VP Client and Patient Care and Chief Nursing Executive were on hand for the presentation to Katelyn, November 1st. Katelyn is the daughter of Elaine Leeder (Executive Assistant at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital), and is a student of the Social Sciences Program at McMaster University.

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

A baby shower fit for royalty Residents also had an opportunity to sign a baby card, which was sent to the Royal Family. Much to everyone’s surprise and delight, a few weeks later a response arrived - a personalized thank you from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! - Colleen Stoneman Coordinator of Resident Activities Providence Manor Providence Manor held a baby shower in July in honour of the Royal Baby, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis Cambridge. The auditorium was festooned in a mix of England and baby decorations. Residents enjoyed tea with sweets, and had fun participating in traditional baby shower games. They watched a clip of Prince Charles and Princess Diana introducing Prince William to the world and a short video of the history of the Royal Family.

Remembrance Day ceremonies at Providence Care Remembrance Day ceremonies took place throughout Providence Care. As in past years, members of CFB Kingston took part in ceremonies at Providence Manor and St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital.

Patient Safety Week was celebrated throughout Providence Care with various activities and educational displays for staff. This year’s Patient Safety Week focused on medication safety, a major priority at Providence Care.

Providenc e Ca re Con n e c ti o n s

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Bell Luncheon: Excellence in Supporting Seniors Dr. Ken LeClair, Professor and Chair, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, Queen’s University and Co-Director of the Centre of Studies for Aging and Health, Providence Care; Shawn Souder, Regional Director of Behavioural Support Services; and Nurse Practitioners Judy Ferguson and Cheryl Knott all presented their expertise on the changing needs and demographics of seniors in the health care system at a Bell sponsored education and community-outreach event, October 7th.

Providence Care welcomes visitors from Japan This September, Providence Care gave student visitors from Nagata University in Japan a tour of Mental Health Services and welcomed them to an Open House at the Dual Diagnosis Centre. These Japanese students and their teachers came to Kingston in affiliation with Queen’s University to learn about the Canadian health care system, occupational therapy and explore inter-professional education. The Open House at the Dual Diagnosis Centre afforded the students an opportunity to participate in a group therapy session with clients and meet our staff.

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

Celebrating Facilities & Engineering Week Providence Care celebrated Facilities & Engineering Week with various displays and activities throughout our sites. The week, October 21st to 25th, recognized those staff who keep our workplace clean, warm, safe, environmentally friendly and in good repair.

Interesting facts... � 11,000 Work Orders are carried out at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined) by Maintenance staff per year. � 33 patient isolation rooms are cleaned every day by Housekeeping staff at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. 18 require a second daily clean. � 114 wheelchairs and geri-chairs are cleaned every month at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined) by Housekeeping staff. � 73 million pounds of steam is used annually at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined). � 17 kms of roadway and 15 parking lots at Mental Health Services and St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital (combined)

� �

� �

are kept clear in winter by Grounds staff. 36% of the 406 tons of waste disposed of from St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined) in 2012 was diverted from landfill by recycling and composting. 24,900 gallons of water is maintained in the Therapeutic Pool at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. 8 million kw of electricity are consumed annually by St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined). 10,000 light bulbs are maintained at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined). 300 + tons of linen was delivered to St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services (combined) in 2012.

Dr. Melissa Andrew honoured with award for outstanding contributions to geriatric psychiatry The staff at our Geriatric Psychiatry Outreach service are proud of their team member Dr. Melissa Andrew. She received an award for Outstanding Contributions to Geriatric Psychiatry. Pictured with Dr. Andrew (far right) are: (left to right) Dr. Mark Rapoport, President of the Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry, Dr. Carol Ward, Awards Committee Chair, and Dr. Cathy Shea, co-recipient of the award.

Congratulations Dr. Andrew!

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Congratulations to our staff receiving long-service awards! Long-Service Award events took place in November honouring the following staff: 10 years! Michelle Albert Elisabete Aleixo Leena Altosaar Gregory Baker Patrick Baldwin Michael Bertrend Carol Ann Campbell Shannon Carr-Braint Angela Callaghan Patricio Camota Arthur Christie Henry Clarke Alexandra Conant Margaret DesRochers Kristie Donald Ronald Duesharm Maureen Dwyer Laura Fleury Cheryl Galloway Jim Gauthier Anna Gooderham Philip Gray David Guthrie Patti Harvey Nancy Hancock Murray Hillier Sara Jacobs Kathy Kirkham Keri Landriault Bruce Law Stacy Lawson Marlene Lyons Rhonda McArthur Marianee McGuire Christopher Mackey Tracey Maloney Wayne Martin Mary Jane Mills-Rogers Sandra Monroe AnneMarie Murphy Terry Murray Margaret Newman Lipscombe Ron Pearson Lesley Rines Shannon Rubino Paula Santos Ofelia Saporsantos Paulette Senger Deborah Smith Hal Smith

Sandra Smith Amy Stevens Laurie Ann Struthers Kerri Tadeu Melissa Tavares Melissa Tizard Gillian Turnbull RosaMaria Viquiera Katherine Wales Jenifer Webster

15 years! Marilyn Ashford Kara Asselstine Susan Benson Gisele Berube Deborah Burns Danielle Clair Jasmine Czernohorsky Sarah Dunlop Raymond Feld Alison Haylock Julia Hodgson Nancy Jardine Aleatha Kirkwood Shari Laird Cynthia Melo Jodie Muller Shelagh Nowlan Janet Randall Stacey Roberts Lita San Pedro Jitka Satori Angela Shaddick Anita Sloan Laura Smith Brent Stevens Debbie Todd Pam Vance Nasha Vandermeer Kimberley Wallace

20 years! Keli Aylesworth Clayton Ball-Graham Laura Briggs Violet Cadue Barbara Cripps Matthew Dillon Samia Hanna

Judith Joannette Barbara Krogman Theresa Lloyd Janet Lovelace Beverly Nichols Karen Parsons Anna Running Christine Sullivan Teresa Whalen

25 years!

Penny Almeida Rosemary Amos Heather Barrera Thomas Bryant Carol Burtch Conceicao Carvalho Joanne Clark Mary Margaret Clark Janis Coligan Karrie Conley Maria daCosta TerrieMarie Denna Heather Faris Jan Fisher AnnMarie Flood Kimberly Fortune Brigid Gagnon Christine Galler Valerie Goff Nicolena Gravonic Karen Holthus Allan Horton Lynn Jones Michelle Kennedy Cindy Lambert Linda Lambert Mark Lollar Mary McCallan Kenneth McGinty Deborah McKee Timothy Minaker Ann Muchmore Neil Muchmore Earl Nicholson Monica O’Neill Beverly Palmer Lisa Quanz Joann Ralph Kathy Robertson David Robicheau

Karen Sproul Peter VanDerAa Kathy Veley Joyce Welsh Yvonne Wemp Louanne Williams Debbie Williams Roxann Young

30 years!

Sharon Asselstine Cecilia Bouyers Karen Bryan Maria Camara Carmen Coelho Linda Correia Susan Gies Janice Hartley Jim Kennedy Timothy Koen Edward Lloyd Shelley Mallen Liseta Medeiros Karen Nelson Karen O’Neill Graeme Pullman Katherine Robitaille Karen Timmins Elisabeth Wensing

35 years!

Danny Anderson Maria Arruda Fernando Asuncion Lurdes Chisamore Mary Felix Christine McKinnon Virginia Moniz Heather O’Meara Connie Taylor

40 years! Connie Decouto

45 years! Joseph Meireles

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Implementation of ePatient Record (ePR) at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital a milestone for Providence Care Providence Care has reached an historic milestone by implementing a new patient care system (ePR) at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital on Tuesday, October 29th! The milestone was a success thanks to the hard work of our frontline staff, champions, physicians, managers, ePR project team, and all supporters. Implementation of ePR at Providence Manor, Mental Health Services and our community programs is scheduled for early January 2014!

Congratulations to all!

Refreshing the Providence Care brand Over the coming months, you will see Providence Care refresh and update the way we present ourselves to the public. We’ve often struggled with finding the right words to describe our services – in terms that people of many backgrounds and experiences can understand.

This fall, we’re launching a new tagline:

“Providence Care is southeastern Ontario’s leading provider of Aging, Mental Health and Rehabilitative Care.”

Of the three terms, “Rehabilitative Care” is the newest – and least well-known. It is a new term, adopted by all 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINS) in Ontario, to describe the various programs included within rehabilitation and complex continuing care. The desired outcomes of Rehabilitative Care are defined as maintaining or restoring functionality, and achieving optimal quality of life. “Aging, Mental Health and Rehabilitative Care” are broad terms that reflect components of all of our hospital inpatient and outpatient, long-term care and community services. We will be using this description along with other communication strategies to improve public understanding of who we are, and our role in the health system. - Jenn Goodwin Director, Communications

You’ll see variations of this phrase in many of our public-facing communication materials, including our website, publications and news releases. “Aging, Mental Health and Rehabilitative Care” are three general descriptions of the wide range of services we provide in the community. They also describe our areas of focus in research, and align with the new strategic priorities at Queen’s University, one of our major academic partners.

Aging. Mental Health. Rehabilitative Care.

Providenc e Ca re Con n e c ti o n s

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Record breaking events for Staff United Way Campaign Events in support of our Staff United Way Campaign have exceeded past year’s contributions thus far! Over $60,000 has been raised! Events have included cake auctions, chili lunches, sales of Portuguese Donuts and candy apples, just to name a few. Thank you to everyone participating in the various activities and for your generous contributions to the United Way - helping those less fortunate in our community.

Providence Manor residents and Hildegarde Centre clients enjoy visit from members of the Kingston Frontenac’s hockey team Enhancing quality of life of our residents and clients On October 15th, four players from the Kingston Frontenac’s hockey team came to Providence Manor to take on some of our residents and Hildegarde Centre clients in a game of floor hockey. They all played three periods of 5 on 5, and, despite some excellent defending and goaltending, the forwards from each team were able to put the ball in the net! The game ended in a 6-6 tie! Following the resident game, the Frontenac’s had a two on two show-down – where they showed off some of their skills! The team of Peressini and Moffat took the win 3-2 over Mahalak & Vainonen. Before leaving, much to everyone’s delight, the Frontenac’s met with a few resident “Super-Fans” and signed autographs! Providence Manor hopes to invite the players back for another game closer to the end of the season. In the meantime, our residents and clients will all be practicing their shots! Thanks to Frontenac Players: Michael Moffat (Team Captain & defense), Matt Mahalak (goalie), Mikko Vainonen (defense), and Lucas Peressini (goalie).

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

November 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 7

Providence Care Learning & Leadership Services Presents... BUILDING...

CPR & First Aid Training November: 21: Standard First Aid Day 1 - CPR for HCP 22: Standard First Aid Day 2 - CPR for HCP 29: CPR for HCP - Recertification December: 6: CPR for HCP - Recertification CPR for Health Care Professionals (HCP)* Adult, child & infant resuscitation; Public Access Defibrillation AED; two-person adult, child & infant; artificial resuscitation; Bag-Valve-Mask; HCP protocols. *Course covers more content; more quickly; intended for Code Blue responders. Cost: $100 Certification, full day


Get the latest news at:

PROVIDENCE CARE HOSPITAL: Bringing together the programs and services of St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services in one new hospital located at 752 King Street West in Kingston.

$85 Recertification, half day (4 hours)

Standard First Aid CPR for Health Care Professionals or Level C (as above); severe bleeding; wound care; medical conditions; burns; eye injuries; heat & cold injuries; chest injuries; poisoning; bone & joint injuries; rescue carries; secondary survey; multiple casualty management Cost: $161 HCP Certification $105 HCP Recertification Contact: Call 613-548-5567, ext. 1337 or Email

Non Crisis Intervention (NCI) Training November: 19: NCI R F 8:30–11:30 a.m. or 1:00–4:00 p.m. 20: NCI APT 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 21: NCI Day 1 (Initial training) 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. 22: NCI Day 2 (Initial training)/NCI R APT 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 25: NCI R APT 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 28: NCI R F 8:30–11:30 a.m. or 1:00–4:00 p.m. December: 3: NCI R F 8:30–11:30 a.m. or 1:00–4:00 p.m. 4: NCI R APT 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 9: NCI R APT 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 12: NCI Day 1 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. 13: NCI Day 2/NCI R APT 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Contact: Call 613-548-5567, ext. 5713 or Email Location for all sessions: Providence Care Mental Health Services Learning & Leadership Centre 752 King St. West, Kingston Published by: Providence Care Communications Dept. Editor: Cathy Clark, 613-548-5567, ext. 5995


 From a family member of a patient of St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital:

“Heartfelt thanks to all those who provided us with such caring support during our long journey. Bless you.”

 From a family member of a client of Mental Health Services:

“We’re pleased with the placement. He always seems happy when we visit. The workers we’ve met are very friendly and helpful.”

 From the family of a resident of Providence Manor:

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful care and compassion that you brought to our Mother. We could not have chosen a better place for her. Thank you so much to all of you from administration to the kitchen staff. You will never be forgotten.”

Submissions welcome Send to:

November 2013 Providence Care Connections  

Providence Care Corporate Newsletter

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